Windows 10: windos RS 5 iot issue

Discus and support windos RS 5 iot issue in Microsoft Windows 10 Store to solve the problem; Hi all, Now, i meet a question, that i can’t open app console after preload. but when i connect to internet about 10min, the apps in windows store... Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 10 Store' started by 世夫姚, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. 世夫姚 Win User

    windos RS 5 iot issue

    Hi all,

    Now, i meet a question, that i can’t open app console after preload. but when i connect to internet about 10min, the apps in windows store seems update by itself, then i can open every app whatever connect internet or not.

    So the question is that is this a issue or IOT special configuration?

    世夫姚, Nov 25, 2018
  2. Johan45 Win User

    AMD FX OC'ers Club

    That's what the auto setting will do since you're over the 1333 mark it jumps to the next step which isn't listed or officially supported I assume by that ram.

    At this point though I would suggest dropping the multi one step or .5 so that we can get something stable and possibly take the heat issue out of the picture for now.
    Johan45, Nov 25, 2018
  3. IoTGirl Win User
    Windows 10 Enterprise IoT

    Hi David,

    Embedded Mode can be set in Windows Enterprise and Windows Mobile versions. For target options please see the definitions at
    From that page:

    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

    Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a full version of Windows 10 that delivers the enterprise manageability and security of Windows 10 Enterprise to IoT solutions. It is designed for powerful industry devices used in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and other
    industries. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise runs crucial line of business applications and performs specialized functions in a secure, reliable and streamlined way to support mission-critical devices.


    *Note that Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a binary equivalent to Windows 10 Enterprise

    Windows 10 IoT Mobile

    Windows 10 IoT Mobile brings the full functionality of Windows 10 Mobile to the Internet of Things. That includes instantaneous application access, native support for barcode scanning, and other peripherals, as well as enhanced productivity for a variety
    of mobile scenarios.

    The Mobile Enterprise editions also offer capabilities such as ARM support, multiple user profiles, and advanced lockdown to enable scenarios across retail, healthcare, manufacturing and other vertical industries.


    *Note that Windows 10 IoT Mobile is a binary equivalent to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

    Windows 10 IoT Core

    Windows 10 IoT Core is optimized for small-footprint, low-cost IoT devices that bring intelligence to the edge. It is designed to power purpose-built devices like gateways that enable IoT solutions. Windows 10 IoT Core also brings enterprise-grade security,
    manageability, and connectivity of Windows to a new class of devices.

    Below are the steps to bring your IoT Core powered devices to life:

    • Click to
      IoT Core
    • Learn more about how to create applications and build proof of concepts and leverage step-by-step instructions, sample
      code, documentation, community projects and more…
    • Ready to sell your product?
      your device or
      your local distributor.

    Actually, IoT Core does not have a menu, that is the default application that comes installed on the sample image from Microsoft. When you create your device you would replace that default experience with the purpose driven application for your solution.
    As for securing an IoT device, it really depends on its purpose and environment but for information on IoT Core you can find documentation at Specifically

    IoTGirl, Nov 25, 2018
  4. windos RS 5 iot issue

    CD-Rs won't open.

    The CD-Rs are anything from 5 to 8 years old. I stopped using XP in 2011. But as I said, these discs would open on the Windows 7 computer without hassle. I also mentioned in my post that no, I haven't been able to try opening them on another system. Everyone
    I know seems to have tablet PCs nowadays or Macs. I'll try the other suggestions anyway and report back. Thanks for the advice.
    RussThe Muso, Nov 25, 2018

windos RS 5 iot issue

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