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Discus and support Windows 10 and future CPUs in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hey all, Premise: So lately I've been reading up on articles (below) that detail Win 10 and old CPUs will no longer be compatible. I want to stay on... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by chaosrealm93, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Windows 10 and future CPUs

    Hey all,

    Premise: So lately I've been reading up on articles (below) that detail Win 10 and old CPUs will no longer be compatible. I want to stay on Win 7 as long as possible as i think it's perfect for my needs, however my rig is long due for an update. My CPU, board, RAM and various I/O protocols are all nearing their life and usefulness and I don't want Win 10's privacy issues

    Microsoft says new processors will only work with Windows 10 | The Verge

    However there are a few questions i still have:

    • Causality; are the new CPUs not allowed to run anything except Win 10, or is Win 10 only allowing new CPUs to run on it?
    • Security; as i understand it, Win 7 will only receive the most important updates up till mid 2017 and will cease to be "supported". If it's just virus definitions, i would be fine with that as i use an external AV program, but its the loopholes and backdoors (ex. java, SQL etc) that im concerned with. Should i be?

    Finally if upgrading my hardware will force me to use Win 10, is Mac OS / Linux the only alternative?

    Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

    chaosrealm93, Feb 16, 2016
  2. EndaWyld Win User

    Windows 10 causes overheating in older CPU's and GPU's

    My "Haswell" generation 4 Core i7 constantly overheated while I had Windows 10 installed, primarily while running MMORPG's. (After 4 days back in Windows 7, my ears are still ringing from the fans spinning at top speed.)

    My cooling fans often would run full blast, and after a few hours I started getting graphics artifacts throughout the games. (If I didn't reboot my computer when the artifacts showed up, Windows 10 would do a blue screen crash on me.)

    During an in-game discussion it was noted that players whose computers were over a year or so old were having the same problems, but folks with the newest computers had no problems what-so-ever.

    The MMORPG's I play are; Star Trek Online, MechWarrior Online, Guild Wars 1 & 2, and Star Wars The Old Republic.

    Star Wars The Old Republic is the worst, and has blue screen crashed so many times in Windows 10 that I finally got tired of Windows 10.

    Star Trek online is all but impossible to play in Windows 10, as I sign in and then have to wait 10-15+ minutes for it to launch.

    (I have been retired for almost three years, and pretty much play MMORPG's 24/7.)

    My Alienware M17 has a "Haswell" Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40ghz, 8gb ram, NVidia GeForce GTX 765M w/2gb, and a 750gb HDD, with all drivers updated to Windows 10 versions, and my fans cleaned several times a week during the 6 weeks I tried Windows 10.

    Using Task Manager in Windows 10, I had 23-29% CPU usage, 31-39% Memory usage, 0-1% HDD usage, and 0-1% Network usage. (None of which would justify overheating the CPU or GPU.)

    In Windows 7, Task Manager gives me about the same usage percentages as I got in Window 10, but my cooling fans rarely, if ever, come on. (The Fleet Stations in Star Wars The Old Republic are about the only place my CPU or GPU cooling fans will come on,
    and even then, only at a very low speed.)

    On the
    Windows 7 Support
    wiki page it mentions that Microsoft's Windows will not support computers with CPU's older than the "SkyLake" (generation 6 Core CPU's) effective July 2017. The "SkyLake" series came out in August 2015.

    Combine that with the constant requests for you to upgrade to Windows 10, I can't help but wonder if they set up Windows 10 to burn up older computers in order to force us to buy new ones with Windows 10 already installed. (It's the only way they actually
    make money on Windows 10 right now.)
    EndaWyld, Feb 16, 2016
  3. Fafhrd Win User

    Windows 10 and future CPUs

    1 it reads like the processors will not run older Windows versions, but Windows 10 is not giving up support for those processors it runs on now.
    2, When you hear that the remaining 9% of public service computers running XP have gone caput overnight in some final eXPloit then you should worry that the same fate will happen to 7. It hasn't, and it won't. If you use Windows 7 and no other vulnerable Windows product like Internet Explorer 10 and earlier, then your 3rd party antimalware etc., should protect you, unless you are an incautious internet user. How often do you get viruses up to now?
    Finally, to use Mac OS legitimately you need to buy your hardware from them. If you want to run Linux, there will be little chance of finding new hardware that will not run it, or not finding older hardware that runs it too. If you buy new off the shelf hardware, it will likely have Windows (forget the 10) on it and you will be able to run older Windows on the machine in some capacity, probably as a virtual machine. There are alternative OS flavours, but do you really need another?

    Then again, not all things go Microsoft's way, and there are more than one processor manufacturer for desktop, mobile and phone devices, so it will be up for grabs. Who knows what the next must-have revolution in edutainment-infocomms will be?
    Fafhrd, Feb 16, 2016
  4. >but Windows 10 is not giving up support for those processors it runs on now.
    actually i read on another article win 10 is planning on ending support on all but the latest CPUs and select components that are typically corporate/enterprise components, excluding most consumers and essentially ending their support as well

    yes, i run avast antivirus and use a little common sense when browsing. the combination has kept me safe so far. tbh, its not so much the known that concerns me (botnets, conficker, downandup, stuxnet etc), it's the unknown and m$'s unwillingness to provide support to continually patch the system that has be concerned. i cant remember the last time i got a virus, but the concern is there

    >there are more than one processor manufacturer for desktop, mobile and phone devices
    yes, but all the players that count are onboard the crazy train (intel, AMD and qualcomm)
    chaosrealm93, Feb 16, 2016
  5. BunnyJ New Member
    If you could please post a link for the article that might help us understand your point more.

    From my understanding, when new processors come out(higher end) they will only be able to operate with 10 and I'm not aware of any mention of dropping support for current and older processors.

    Please post that link, I would like to read the article.

    BunnyJ, Feb 16, 2016
  6. BunnyJ New Member

    Windows 10 and future CPUs

    BunnyJ, Feb 16, 2016
  7. Ooh... pancakes..... havent had them in some time *Wink
    chaosrealm93, Feb 16, 2016
  8. BunnyJ New Member
    Yup and they are good,.

    Now I gave the article a quick read and form what I read only new 6th generation Intel processor(Skylake) will be required to use 10. All of the pervious 5th and lower Intel processors can use it with no issues.
    BunnyJ, Feb 16, 2016
  9. Well at best, one can only dodge the win 10 spyware for 1 cycle of upgrades right?

    What i mean is; say i buy all the latest components needed to build a new system (that still supports win 7), by the time i need to overhaul my system again (5-6 years later), all that will be left is the new components, which will be tied in with win 10.

    Is there no escape?

    Is Mac / Linux the only way out? lol
    chaosrealm93, Feb 16, 2016
  10. BunnyJ New Member
    No one is saying that Intel or AMD are going to stop making a 4th or 5th generation processor that will work with 7. In 5 years who knows what processors will be around but it's fair to say that in that time Wn7 will no longer be receiving security updates and using it might be as risky as using Xp is today.,

    Bottom line, AMD hasn't committed to this approach for future processors so that might still be a good option in a few years.

    And finally,, even Linux distribution send back telemetry.. so there is no escape. *Wink
    BunnyJ, Feb 17, 2016
  11. Windows 10 and future CPUs

    Well.... i suppose they'll still make low end chips, but the chips they will still be making wont be good enough for games =\
    I mean..... intel's pentium and celeron lines are still around, but they dont score anywhere near good enough to be viable for games, video and audio work.......

    No, im afraid AMD and qualcomm are onboard as well:
    Next-Gen CPUs Will Only Support Windows 10 | News & Opinion |

    Huh....... didn't know Linux was doing that as well, but i suppose its to a lesser extent...... right? For one, the distro devs probably arent as rich and couldnt afford to hire the data mining firms and storage like m$
    chaosrealm93, Feb 17, 2016
  12. BunnyJ New Member
    There are some great I5/I7 chips out there that are perfect for gamers and they work fine with 10. And don't kid yourself.. all OS's now a days have some telemetry feature.
    There are ways to disable the telemetry in 10 and there are some tutorial around the forums somewhere. I'll look around..

    Found some:How to disable Telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 10

    BunnyJ, Feb 17, 2016
  13. my whole point was i dont WANT win 10 *chuckle

    yeah, i know. there's also this spybot program designed to disable data collection every time the PC reboots too
    chaosrealm93, Feb 17, 2016

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