Windows 10: "bad system config info"

Discus and support Windows 10: "bad system config info" in Windows 10 Support on Windows 10 Forums to solve the problem; Soooo.... Unfortunately, I've updated Windows 10. Right after the update, the computer was sluggish and slow. I've disabled Avast antivirus, and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by efid845, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. efid845 Win User

    Unfortunately, I've updated Windows 10. Right after the update, the computer was sluggish and slow. I've disabled Avast antivirus, and everything was running fine, so I've deleted it, and restarted windows.
    While booting I got this message (BSOD, I guess):

    I've tried Startup repair, it says it couldn't finish it.
    Couldn't even rest the pc.
    Also, for some reason it says I have two OSs

    Any solution?

    efid845, Jun 2, 2018
  2. dario hillman braun Win User

    Bad system config info Windows 10

    After i upgrade to W10, on a Toshiba Sattellite, L845 SP202, i5 4 gb RAM, i had no sound...

    Then, when i restarted, it shows a blue screen with the Bad system config info...

    I tried every step the system adviced, but nothing seems to work...

    Not even go back to W7

    dario hillman braun, Jun 11, 2018
  3. ScottHills Win User
    Bad system config info windows 10 on boot up!!!

    I’ve been running Windows 10 on a Toshiba Satellite laptop for a while, and have endured only the occasional, minor annoyance from a Windows 10 update. And the latest update on Sunday evening (Feb. 4) appeared to complete successfully after a restart.
    But when I attempted to restart again yesterday evening, however, I got the dreaded "BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO" boot error. No other updates or installs were performed between the Sunday Windows 10 update and the failed reboot.

    Following the boot error message, Automatic Repair ran but failed, as did all of the following accessed via Advanced options:

    • Continue (to Windows 10) - Hey, it was worth a try.
    • Troubleshooting>Advanced options>
      • System Restore - "No restore points have been created ..."
      • Startup Repair - Same outcome as with failed Automatic Repair.
      • Go back to previous version - "We ran into a problem and won't be able to take you back ..."
    Command Prompt did open a CMD window, however, so I used Google to find threads describing what to do next. That uncovered several candidate fixes, so I tried #1 described below, and started on #2 before getting to a fork
    in the road that I decided deserved this posting:

    • I first tried a 4-step fix involving use of bootrec, after changing the current directory from X:\windows\system32 to X:\windows\system32. The fix failed at bootrec /fixboot with "The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make
      sure that all required file system drivers are loaded ...
    • Next tried a variation of #1 that I found posted 7/30/2017 by John Vil in this (now
      locked) thread which starts with bootrec /rebuildbcd. Running that command generated the following report and option:
    Successfully scanned Windows installations.

    Total identified Windows installations: 1

    [1] C:\Windows.old\WINDOWS

    Add installation to boot list? Yes(Y)/No(N)/All(A):

    Question 1: Should I continue down this path, and if so, which /rebuildbcd option should I choose, Y or A?

    Question 2: Or should I abandon this path and try another first? For example, fix #4 in this XtremeRain article (also
    found in an MS Community thread), which appears to involve restoring the pre-update registries?
    ScottHills, Jun 11, 2018

Windows 10: "bad system config info"


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