Windows 10: Windows 10 booting issue

Discus and support Windows 10 booting issue in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Problem Sometimes i get BSOD on startup. Or maybe its not a BSOD just an error that the drive is missing some boot file bla bla bla. After getting... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Beret21, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Beret21 Win User

    Windows 10 booting issue


    Sometimes i get BSOD on startup. Or maybe its not a BSOD just an error that the drive is missing some boot file bla bla bla. After getting it for sometime i found the cause. And the problem is that my motherboard in BIOS automatically changes Boot order priority to the other drive. It should be 320 GB drive it should boot from but it changes to 160 GB one automatically. So once i change Boot order priority to 320 GB one the PC boots up perfectly fine. But BIOS changes Boot order priority again sometimes and i haven't found any pattern in it ( its random )

    • The CMOS battery is working perfectly fine as it is the only setting that changes rest remain same.
    • Motherboard BIOS is updated to latest one already ( Also with my previous boot HDD i wasnt having this issue )
    • Both of my current HDD have 100% health status and work perfectly fine HDD smart also give status OK ( tested by HD sentinel and HD tune )
    • I also notice that my D: partition .i.e. my 160 GB HDD ( single partition D: only ) has a folder called Boot, files named bootmgr. BOOTnxt, BOOTSECT.BAK in it. And i never installed OS in this drive so how these get there ? can these be the one causing issues ?

    System specs

    Windows 10 booting issue [​IMG]

    Beret21, Feb 16, 2017

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    "You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file." I've tried all the suggestions here and none of them work. This has been an ongoing issue with this OS since I installed it a year ago. Until now, I haven't needed
    to "administrate" over this directory, and thought that Microsoft would eventually get around to fixing the problem, especially since there have been so many complaints about it. Apparently, Microsoft can't handle it. BTW, Windows 10 sucks. It's apparently
    not built for end users who want to accomplish real work on the computers THEY OWN. Instead it's built for vendors who want to know who you are, where you are and what you're doing, so that they can tailor advertising to you.
    Windows 10 Keyboard Issue, Feb 16, 2017
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    "There is a problem with the driver for USB-IF xHCI USB Host Controller. The driver needs to be reinstalled."
    Windows 10 SD issue, Feb 16, 2017
  4. Windows 10 booting issue

    Hi Beret21

    I saw in your posting that your health on disks is 100%.

    Have you run chkdsk on your main boot disk?

    You said this happens sometimes, is it possible that you have a faulty cable, connection or port? As a test you could change the connections at the disk ends.
    Caledon Ken, Feb 17, 2017
  5. Beret21 Win User
    chkdsk comes clean no error found. Even used scan of HD tune just to be sure.
    As once on i have absolute zero issues with my system so i dnt think that a port/connector/cable is faulty. But thats the thing about electronics u can never be 100% sure so i will try changing the cable.
    Another Update is that somehow my drive D ( that is HDD that doesnt have OS) was marked as active, i have just made it un-active but i havent restarted the PC yet as i am working on something.
    So now i have to check 2 things

    • IF making my other drive inactive has solved the issue
    • IF the above doesn't work i will change the cable i have 1 or 2 laying around
    Beret21, Feb 17, 2017
  6. Beret21 Win User
    Alright ! i restarted the PC after making the D drive in active. But i made my C drive active so that at boot my system will look at that instead. But shit happened. The PC wasnt booting anymore with saying something about missing files to boot. I dnt have a DVD rom so that was another big issue.

    Viewer discretion is advised
    Damn i felt so soooooooo bad because i couldnt repair my windows and installing a new windows is a nightmare to me with sooo much softwares, games askdasjdkajsdhaksdjhaskldjashdaklsjdh < this explains what i was feeling like
    So after that i removed my both HDD and put them in my other system, copied Boot folder, files named bootmgr. BOOTnxt, BOOTSECT.BAK from my D: drive to C: drive. But it wasnt simple as i have to first take permission of these files and folders and then take permission on the destination C: drive to alter files and shit shit shittttttttt. But this wasnt even this simple. The other system had only 2 sata ports so first i hhad to transfer the files from my D to this new system D and then shutdown the system, switched on with my other HDD the one that has non booting OS. After that i copied the files to the C: . After shutting down the system i put on the HDD with booting issue and started the PC still the same error. arrrrrrrrrrr arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Then my dumb mind just started working and i inserted my non booting OS HDD to the working PC and went to the disk management. There i found y all this shit was happening. Because instead of making C drive an active partition one has to make that drive active that has boot files and that is that small partition around 100MB that is auto created while installing windows.
    so i made it active and inserted the non working OS HDD back to my system & it is up and running now.

    As far as the issue that i started this thread for is concerned i dnt know if it has been solved yet or not. So will come back once i know the issue is solved or not.
    Beret21, Feb 17, 2017
  7. Once you got things working you have to check out Macrium Reflect. It is a recommended, free imager that will save you hours of rebuilds.

    Good luck.
    Caledon Ken, Feb 17, 2017
  8. Beret21 Win User

    Windows 10 booting issue

    Thanks Caledon Ken for your help and suggestion. I think its pretty much the same software as AOMEI partition assistant which i already have but in case u think Macrium Reflect is offering something better do let me know about that.

    As far as the issue i was having ( Boot order priority changing automatically )its still there as my last reboot was an error and i had to go in bios to change my drive priority again.
    So now i will try changing my sata cables.
    Its really annoying to change boot priority occasionally !
    Beret21, Feb 18, 2017
  9. Could I ask what Motherboard do you have?

    As far as disk imaging, if you have a tool that works stick with it. So many folks don't use a tool and wind up with hours of work on clean installs.
    Caledon Ken, Feb 18, 2017
  10. Beret21 Win User
    Yea the software i used before, i am comfortable with that. And its pretty decent in every way.

    I have ASUS H61me. ( Its in the first post too in that HWinfo screenshot )

    Today i changed the cables and put my non OS HDD to sata 4 instead of sata 2. But the boot order priority issue was still there ( damn )
    So i went into the bios and loaded optimized default settings. After that i had 1-2 restart n those were perfect. But again i cant mark this as solved until i am sure that the problem has really gone. ( 2-3 days )
    Beret21, Feb 18, 2017
  11. Beret21 Win User
    The boot priority changed again today
    So conclusion
    • Either my HDD firmware is faulty
    • Or the mobo bios has some kind of bug in it
    Beret21, Feb 20, 2017
  12. Hopefully you can still RMA board.
    Caledon Ken, Feb 20, 2017
  13. Beret21 Win User

    Windows 10 booting issue

    Naa bud. I bought it "used" locally dnt have the original receipt. And i m pretty sure it will cost more in RMA shipping then i bought it for.
    Second option will be to backup all my data on second drive. Then clone my C: drive to that drive. In short replace the data between my 2 drives as then it wont hopefully change the boot order.
    Still m not 100% sure if its the mobo or my HDD thats the culprit OR it might be in-compatibility between the 2. But again once its running i have absolutely zero issues.

    And thanks Caledon for sticking around *Smile
    Beret21, Feb 20, 2017
  14. On page 2-27 of your manual there is a setting for CSM. How is yours set?
    By forcing enabled it gives you some additional options. Maybe these need to be forced. The Asus boards do a good job on Auto but better if I know a setting I like to set it.

    I think if I was going to copy data off I would start with a clean install. Little more work but no hangovers or gremlins.

    Good luck.
    Caledon Ken, Feb 20, 2017
  15. Spike999 Win User
    And I would make sure I have unplugged the other drive while installing.
    Spike999, Feb 20, 2017

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