Windows 10: Windows 10 cannot boot, cannot recover, cannot reinstall

Discus and support Windows 10 cannot boot, cannot recover, cannot reinstall in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I started my computer that I've had minimal problems with for many years and it got stuck at the windows logo with the spinning beads. I attempted... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by Rizzo666, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Rizzo666 Win User

    Windows 10 cannot boot, cannot recover, cannot reinstall

    I started my computer that I've had minimal problems with for many years and it got stuck at the windows logo with the spinning beads. I attempted restarting the computer dozens of times, ensuring without a doubt it was booting from the correct drive. No number of boot failures ever sent me to the advanced options to start in safe mode.

    I created a Windows recovery drive on a USB, which allowed me to attempt multiple ways of fixing, restoring, or reinstalling windows.

    The following options all send me to a blank unresponsive blue screen indefinitely with no feedback:

    Startup repair

    Uninstall updates

    System restore

    System image recover

    Factory image restore

    The other options I've tried are:

    Recover from a drive -> just remove my files -> unable to recover your PC. The system drive is too small. I have had no issues with the size of the SSD for the last 5 years, as all it holds is the OS and all other files are on a larger HDD or SSD. It is 64 GB. If i need to move the OS to another larger drive I'd be willing to, but I honestly have lost hope in all online solutions helping me figure out how. My other drives are a 500GB SSD currently mostly full of games that could be reinstalled and a 3TB HDD

    Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> command prompt -> running various commands runs into issues when i use bootrec/fixboot from a "access is denied". I started trying to resolve this through other suggestions to use diskpart commands, but i don't see a volume labeled as an efi partition and don't want to muck around here.

    OS version: 10.0.18362

    AMD64 architecture

    Rizzo666, Jun 6, 2020

  2. Windows 10 won't boot, repair, recover or reinstall

    Thank you, Gerard! I appreciate your help.

    I tried using Win 10 boot media to reinstall from scratch. Install chugs away for a while then shows me a list of partitions on my hard drive. No matter which I select, Windows can't be installed because they're GPT partitions.

    I've also tried running chkdsk /r /x as suggested in another post. That seemed to run without any problems, but when I restarted I eventually got a blue screen with error 0xC0000021a.

    At this point it's looking like I need to completely reformat the disk and reinstall Windows from the boot media. Is that the next step? I've recovered my data - which is all still accessible.
    Outpost_CX, Jun 6, 2020
  3. Jborg Win User
    windows 10 slow boot

    I was having a slow boot issue on my Windows 7 install a little while back. It would take about 30 - 40 extra seconds to boot up for whatever reason.

    I would try following these steps, while this didn't solve my issue, it did increase Read/Write to where it should be.

    10 Tips for SSD Optimization in Windows 7 - Part 1

    Looks to be similar to this: SSD Optimization for your Windows Gaming PC and Tips and Tricks

    In the end, I had to reinstall my Windows 7 entirely to fix the booting issue. It was taking around 35 seconds to boot, and after the fresh install it takes about 7 seconds to boot.
    Jborg, Jun 6, 2020
  4. Windows 10 cannot boot, cannot recover, cannot reinstall

    Windows 10 USB boot

    Hi there, am not a windows 10 expert. I have a pc in the bedroom on windows 10, I messed up the bootloader trying to fix the xp on that system.

    System wont boot, trying to repair via win 10 usb installer.

    Downloaded the media creation tool to install windows 10 installer on usb stick. Not compatible with a host of usb sticks I have. Tried the usb sticks that others use, but I think they use rufus; as the media creation tool by win 10 does not detect the usb stick.

    So quick question, the win10 machine i am trying to repair the bootloader is a win7 upgraded to win10.
    If i were to use the usb win10 installer to "repair installation" does the version of the iso downloaded via the media creation tool matter?

    There is three options:
    Windows 10
    Windows 10 Home
    Windows 10 N

    Also is there a step by step instead of using rufus as I want to try an alternative method of creating a usb win 10 installer. Preferably with more compatibility.

    System is a asus sabertooth 990 (r2?) with AMD phenom X 6.

    Also is there any other software I can load onto the usb that can repair the bootloader easily?
    That would be the ideal alternative. Thanks
    TRUELOVE95, Jun 6, 2020

Windows 10 cannot boot, cannot recover, cannot reinstall

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