Windows 10: Windows 10 GUIs too small in Asus X556UA

Discus and support Windows 10 GUIs too small in Asus X556UA in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have an Asus X556UA laptop. It was recently bought. In relation to any graphics issues it can be considered to be at factory settings. When I... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by meridius, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. meridius Win User

    Windows 10 GUIs too small in Asus X556UA

    I have an Asus X556UA laptop. It was recently bought. In relation to any graphics issues it can be considered to be at factory settings.

    When I received this laptop after the initial installation phase I began noticing that some GUIs were very small, for example the first thing was the middle yellow GUI of Word 2007. The general text sizes within Word and its GUIs are also too small.

    This laptop is 1920 x 1080. It looks to me as though Asus have set the text size at 125%. There is an Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.

    To make things easier I have attached a pdf document showing the problem.

    My personal experience of trying to change screen resolutions, DPIs (custom text size) was never positive in Windows 7 or XP. I can't remember ever having had a satisfactory outcome and once (I can't remember if it was in Windows 7 or XP) a restore point did not even undo my amendments (I think it was something to do with my changing DPI settings) and I had to do a factory reset again. So I don't have the time or energy for this type of experimentation...

    What concerns me the most about this is that in relation to any graphics issues is that the laptop can still be considered to be at factory settings.

    I will probably have to contact Asus support before actually doing anything but am looking to this forum for advice first.

    Many thanks for any suggestions.

    meridius, Nov 12, 2016

  2. gertrude's servantY

    I just downloaded windows 10, and all the fonts are too small. I'm old, I need larger than 9 point. the solitaire is too small also. I want the solitaire I had with larger cards. It appears that only people with young eyes can use computers. I do
    and I am pissed by this attitude. Get with it guys, you will be old some day also.
    KateSeverin, Nov 12, 2016
  3. ASUS MX279 display too small after upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I understand your inconvenience and we will surely help you to resolve the issue.

    The issue you are facing with occurs due to outdated or corrupted drivers.

    I suggest you to follow the below methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: You may try changing the resolution of the Monitor and then check for the issue.

    1. Click on start menu and go to Settings.

    2. Select System.

    3. Click on Display and then click on advanced display settings.

    4. If the resolution is lower than 1024 x 768 pixels, you can set a higher resolution, if your PC supports. To change the current resolution, click on Resolution box and select a higher resolution.

    If issue persist try method 2.

    Method 2: Update display adapter driver.

    Step 1: Check for the latest driver update through Windows Updates.

    1. Type Windows Update in the search box on task bar, and hit Enter.

    2. Click or tap Settings on the right side of the screen, and then select Install optional updates from the left results.

    3. When the Windows Update control panel opens, click on “Check for Updates” on the top left corner to receive a fresh list of updates.

    Incompatible or not properly installed graphics card drivers are the most common cause of this issue.

    Step 2: Follow the steps below to update the graphics/display drivers.

    1. Press Windows + X key on the keyboard.

    2. Go to device manager.

    3. Right-click your display device.

    4. Click Update Driver Software and then follow the steps in the wizard that appears.

    5. Restart the computer

    If issue still persist try method 3.

    Method 3: I suggest you to uninstall and Reinstall display drivers
    and check if it helps.

    To uninstall display driver, please follow these steps:

    1. Press Windows + X keys and click device manager.

    2. Click to expand display adapters, right click the adapter and click uninstall.

    Now, you may download and install latest display driver from the computer manufacturer's website and check.

    Please also refer the following wiki article created by Andre Da Costa.

    How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10

    Let us know the status, we are glad to assist you further.
    Suvarna Govinda, Nov 12, 2016

Windows 10 GUIs too small in Asus X556UA

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