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Discus and support Windows 10 Start menu tile modification in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hi all, I hoping someone can help me with amending the start menu tiles. We currently have a custom "layoutmodification.xml" file in the users... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Djdope79, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Windows 10 Start menu tile modification

    Hi all, I hoping someone can help me with amending the start menu tiles.

    We currently have a custom "layoutmodification.xml" file in the users profile, this is app. this displays IE and File explorer tiles in the start menu. I would like to remove IE, replace it with Edge but leave user customisations as they are.

    I created a new layout file, and set this up via start layout group policy, but this wipes user customisations and also locks the start menu tiles. So this isn't an option. I have also replaced the entries in "Layoutmodification.xml" in the user file but the start menu tiles to do not change.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has done something similar, I can post the current XML files if needed.


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    /u/Djdope79, Sep 29, 2020

  2. Windows 10 Start Menu all apps / tiles missing

    So I woke my computer up from sleep last night and this is what I was welcomed with:

    Windows 10 Start menu tile modification [​IMG]

    All of a sudden my start menu had no apps listed and no live tiles to speak of. So I did my googleing and I found this microsoft answer page:

    I tried every step in their. After all said and done, I got installed programs to show up, but the live tiles that usually show to the right did not come back. I was ok with that, thinking I would work on this today and find a solution to that problem.

    I just woke up the computer again from sleep and the start menu is blank AGAIN. Before this started happening last night, I have not installed any new software nor has windows ran any updates.

    I'm at a loss. I tried system recovery and to roll back to a few days prior, but I keep getting an error after recovery is attempted stating that windows recovery wasn't able to fully complete due to a certain file (i can retry recovery and post picture of error if needed).

    So any suggestions on whats my next step? I thought maybe I had a malware issue, but II have avast and malware antibytes installed and they showed no hits when the scans where run.

    Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a Great Turkey Day!

    PS, I have to work today from 4pm to 6am, so If I do not reply right away I apologize.
    Dalumberjack03, Sep 29, 2020
  3. Windows 9 start menu in action

    The only real usage issues with Windows 8/8.1 are the Start screen and Charms bar. Luckily they're doing away with the Charms bar and they've brought back the traditional Start menu, but with tiles.

    I liked the tiles, but the fact that it needed a whole screen was not very productive unlike Windows 7.
    Cheeseball, Sep 29, 2020
  4. Neilg Win User

    Windows 10 Start menu tile modification

    how do i reset the start menu in windows 10 to not show tiles?

    A few days ago, my friends Win10 computer stopped showing his desktop and now only shows the tiles (he wants to see the default list of programs, not any tiles).

    Clicking on the Windows key or "start menu" doesn't change anything. I stepped him through some online suggestions (including Settings/Start/Use-start-full-screen and making sure Settings/Table-mode was not engaged) but they don't work.

    I've also compared his settings (Start/Use-start-full... and Table-mode) to my Win10 machine and they are the same.

    Assistance/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Neilg, Sep 29, 2020

Windows 10 Start menu tile modification

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