Windows 10: Windows 10 stuttering sounds issues

Discus and support Windows 10 stuttering sounds issues in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Recently I built a PC and am now working on Windows 10. I am trying to record sounds right off my computer. I remember The StereoMix input was working... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Born-Selection, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Windows 10 stuttering sounds issues

    Recently I built a PC and am now working on Windows 10. I am trying to record sounds right off my computer. I remember The StereoMix input was working for a few seconds when I first started trying to solve this. I have done troubleshooting in the SoundControlPanel and I can't figure it out. When I try to select a Audio Input Device in Ableton, it says "Failed to open audio input device". I tried Audacity and have the same issue. Voicemeeter Banana works and has input, but it has incredibly distorted audio., like a constant skipping glitch compressed noise.

    Also, while I am installing things I will get incredibly bad glitch audio, like constant popping and skipping. For example, when install a game on Steam, and while it is installing I try to watch a video or listen to music. Sometimes if I am using Ableton and watch a video, Then Ableton audio will be very glitchy even without playing anything. I have to turn the Ableton CPU usage off and on and it fixes it.

    This is very frustrating, on my Mac all I had to do was install SoundFlower and then I could reroute the computer output to Ableton and also hear what it was recording.

    Realtek High Definition audio drivers. I also have Asio4all and realtek Asio. I also have the VB audio Voicemeeter Banana and High-Fi cable. Should I reformat my computer? Should I buy a Audio Interface and then route all my sound to that, and also can record sounds in from my laptop?

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    /u/Born-Selection, Feb 14, 2020

  2. Windows 10 upgrade: Game stutter issue


    Compatibility issues is one of the possible reasons why you're experiencing stutter issues when playing a game on your Windows 10 device. To help you resolve this concern, we need to gather more details. kindly verify the information below:

    • Are you experiencing this issue with all of your games?
    • Are you having this issue when you are playing both online and offline games?
    • Does this issue occur on both digital and disk games?

    In the meantime, we suggest that you follow the troubleshooting steps provided on this

    . This can help us resolve problems you may experience during gameplay on your Windows 10 device.

    We're looking forward to your reply.
    Wilfred Mac, Feb 14, 2020
  3. windows 10 sound playback stutter


    This issue could occur due to incompatible, outdated or corrupted device drivers.

    I would appreciate if you can provide us the following information to help us understand the issue better.

    • Did you make any changes in prior to this issue?
    • What are the troubleshooting steps you have perform to resolve the issue?
    Let’s try to follow these methods below which can help us resolving this issue.

    Method 1: Run audio troubleshooter.

    You might be able to solve some problems by running a troubleshooter that will automatically fix some common issues with audio.

    Follow the steps to run the troubleshooter:

    • Press Windows key on your keyboard
    • Type Troubleshooting and click
    • Click on view all (on the left)
    • Select Playing Audio troubleshooter
    • Follow the prompted steps to troubleshoot this issue.
    If the issue persists, follow method 2.

    Method 2: I would suggest you to update Audio drivers and check. If issue persists again reinstall latest drivers from manufacturer's website in compatibility mode:

    Follow the steps below on how to install driver in compatibility mode:

    1. Download the driver from the manufacturer’s website and save it on your local disk.

    2. Right click on the setup file of the driver and select “Properties”.

    3. Select “Compatibility” Tab.

    4. Place a check mark next to “Run this program in Compatibility mode” and select operating system from the drop down list.

    5. Let the driver install and then check the functionality.

    Refer: Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows (Steps
    applies to Windows 10)

    Fix sound problems:

    You can also refer to the following link for additional information and check if this helps.

    No sound in Windows :

    (Applies to Windows 10)

    Write to us with the status of the issues experienced on the same post for further assistance. Your reply is most important for us to ensure we assist you accordingly.

    Thank you.
    Nachappa C K, Feb 14, 2020
  4. Windows 10 stuttering sounds issues

    Sound issue swith Windows 10


    I realize the inconvenience you are experiencing sound issue with Windows 10. I will certainly help you.

    I suggest you to follow the steps below and check if it helps:

    Step 1: Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter
    and check.

    Hardware and Devices troubleshooter
    checks for common problems and makes sure that any new device or hardware connected to your PC is installed correctly.

    • Press Windows key from the keyboard, type
      and select it.
    • Click on view all option on the upper left corner of
      Troubleshooting window.
    • Select the Hardware and Device options from the list.
    • Click Next to run the Hardware and Device

    Step 2: I suggest you to try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the below Microsoft article and check if it helps.

    Fix sound problems

    Hope it helps. Reply to the post with an updated status of this issue to assist you further.
    Anju Thekkethil, Feb 14, 2020

Windows 10 stuttering sounds issues

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