Windows 10: Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues

Discus and support Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Ever since I updated windows 10 in October (and still with the recent update in November), I have been having wifi connectivity issues at work. I have... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by AMiller, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. AMiller Win User

    Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues

    Ever since I updated windows 10 in October (and still with the recent update in November), I have been having wifi connectivity issues at work. I have no issues with public wifi or at home, but my internet repeatedly drops at work. My coworker has a MAC computer and has had no issues. My chromebook works fine. The wireless network shows up as connected, but internet drops every 1-5 minutes and eventually stops connecting at all. I have an Acer Aspire and have tried the network adapter troubleshooter and the results are “no problem identified.” I have completed the network adapter reset. I have the most up to date drivers for network adapters. I have the most recent Windows 10 update (Windows 10, 1909). I know there has been some information about some computers not being able to connect to routers after the recent Windows 10 Update interfering with wifi chips (Microsoft Admits That Windows 10 Update 1903 Knocks Out Wi-Fi). Because I only have Wifi issues at work, I am wondering if there are some routers that do not have this interaction effect with the Windows 10 Update. The router I have at home is over 10 years old, so I cannot go and purchase the same one that works at home. Does anyone know of a router that does not have this wifi connectivity issue as I have no other ideas for how to fix this problem? Or any other possible solutions for this problem?

    AMiller, Nov 19, 2019

  2. New install Windows 10 (issue solved)

    It's good that you're not experiencing any issues. Unfortunately many folks are, a quick Google search will show the same info im offering the OP.

    Heres a couple examples:



    It's basically what I mentioned above, small issues here and there ,but nothing to end your day.. for the most part.

    I know it's anecdotal, but for my experience 95% of the time it's perfectly fine. The issues I've run into wouldn't be enough for me to roll back , but they would be enough (had I not installed it yet) ,to avoid it for another couple weeks which is why I'm suggesting it to the OP

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update problems and complaints
    • Installation problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Microsoft Edge problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Drivers problems with the Fall Creators Update
    • Experience problems with the Fall Creators Update
    keep in mind, as of recently, the FCU is installed on 5% of devices roughly.....
    jboydgolfer, Nov 19, 2019
  3. Windows 10 download speed issues

    Try this method:
    • First of all from Start Menu, open Settings (Type settings in the search bar and it will appear).
    • locate and select “Update and Security“.
    • in this window, Locate “Advanced Options”. Click on it.
    • In Advanced Options; Click on “Choose How Updates are Delivered“.
    • Turn off Updates from more than one place.
    Your system will not work as a seeder for other Windows 10 users. It will give sudden boast to your Slow internet speed.
    lorraine walsh, Nov 19, 2019
  4. Cvrk Win User

    Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues

    Installing Windows 10 on Lumia 920

    I have a Lumia 920 mobile phone.
    Found a list on the net with compatible phones that support Win 10. Mine is on that list.
    Can't upgrade with the usual way.
    Found help on this official website of developers for Windows Phones. It's a step by step no brainer thing. Most people are doing it. Except me. I can't get past point 6. HOWTO: Install Windows 10 for Phones on Non-supported devices (and other hacks)

    "6.Connect to the same WiFi that your PC is on. Edit the settings for the WiFi connection to turn on the Proxy and set it to use the PC’s IP address and enter 8877 for the port "

    7. Open Internet Explorer on your phone and navigate to http://[pc.ip.add.ress]:8877 where [pc.ip.add.ress] is the IP address of the PC running the WPInsidersHacks app

    No idea what this means.I guess i need to access the router and modify some settings in there. Some guy on the forum told me " think he means to use the local IP address of the pc. Go to cmd and type ipconfig and look for ipv4 address. Should be somethin like 192/......"

    I did connect my phone as always via wi-fi to my router. But i have no ideea how to use that proxy or how to make my phone have the same Ip as computer. I did start WPInsiderHacks app on pc. This is what it looks like

    Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues [​IMG]

    Theres also this official Windows 10 Preview On Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Central Forums
    It says this :
    1. Download the Windows Insider app.
    Press ... > about > make sure Sys free space is 300MB or more.
    If there isn't enough space, make full reset with Windows Phone Recovery Tool.


    Download and install certificate.
    3. Edit WiFi connection, enable Proxy


    4. Open Insider app, click get builds
    5. You will get Enroll page, do not Enroll yet!
    6. Switch to WIFI settings, turn off proxy.
    7. Switch to Windows Insider app and now you can enroll for Windows 10 Technical Preview.
    Choose Fast option.
    8. Check Settings > Phone update.
    If it can't find updates, you may need to reboot your phone and enroll again (without a proxy now).

    Same thing with the proxy. Anyways the more detailed steps on the DEV forum are much better i think .Cuz they put out more info on how to do it.

    Can anybody help me with step 6 ?

Windows 10 Update and Wifi Issues

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