Windows 10: Windows 101909 RDP Freezes

Discus and support Windows 101909 RDP Freezes in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; On the same network, I RDP into local machines. The RDP generally works fine, but every now and then the RDP session freezes. The only thing to do is... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by genifycom2, May 23, 2020.

  1. Windows 101909 RDP Freezes

    On the same network, I RDP into local machines.

    The RDP generally works fine, but every now and then the RDP session freezes. The only thing to do is close and reopen it which moves all windows from dual display to one display.

    I have updated the graphics card driver. I have also disabled the graphics card and instead use the Microsoft Remote Display Adapter.

    I am NOT going to turn off UDP as I use it.

    These is NOTHING in the Event log to allow analysis of this problem.

    What other diagnostics are available to fix this really annoying problem.

    This can't be difficult to resolve!

    genifycom2, May 23, 2020

  2. RDP freezes remote

    Win 10 laptop rdp freezes the remote desktop immediately upon connecting. Remote is running Windows 10 Pro. The desktop remains frozen until powered off and on. I believe no settings have been changed since it used to work properly. A different laptop
    is able to rdp successfully into that desktop. Strangely, the laptop that is able to successfully rdp cannot see files on the remote when the homegroup icon is clicked--says the remote is currently unavailable, but the laptop that freezes the remote can see
    and open files when the homegroup icon is clicked. When I google remote freezes I get info about Windows 7, and the "Virtual Agent" doesn't understand my question. Thanks for any help
    EllenReddick, May 23, 2020
  3. sixin Win User
    Windows 10 freezes locally after a successful RDP session

    Source and destination machine is Windows 10 64bit. When I RDP and disconnect when finished and then return to the local machine that I RDP'd into, that machine will immediately freeze after logging in. This only started after the source machine was rebuilt
    with a clean install of Windows 10. Previously with Windows 8.1 on the source, this was not an issue when using RDP to connect to the same Windows 10 machine. Things I have tried: updated to the latest Nvidia display drivers on the destination machine and
    verified latest AMD and Intel drivers on the source (multiple displays, but same setup when it was Win 8.1 and worked without issue), adjusted the RDP settings to be a small screen size, changed the color depth to a lower setting, and unchecked persistent
    bitmap caching. Any other suggestions?
    sixin, May 23, 2020
  4. Naveen_M Win User

    Windows 101909 RDP Freezes

    Windows 10 to Windows 10 RDP not functioning correctly.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    I appreciate the troubleshooting steps that you've done so far. I'd suggest you to refer this article on

    Windows 10 freezes locally after a successful RDP session
    and check if it helps.

    You can also refer this article on
    Frequently asked questions about the Remote Desktop clients
    and check.

    I'd suggest you to post your query in the
    TechNet forums
    where you'll find support engineers who can assist you better on this issue.


    Naveen M

    Microsoft Community - Moderator
    Naveen_M, May 23, 2020

Windows 101909 RDP Freezes

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