Windows 10: Windows 1809 Internet time sync not wotking

Discus and support Windows 1809 Internet time sync not wotking in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; After I upgraded to 1809 internet server time stopped working. When I tried, Control panel, Date and Time, Internet time, chose server or... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by dzigibau, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. dzigibau Win User

    Windows 1809 Internet time sync not wotking

    After I upgraded to 1809 internet server time stopped working. When I tried, Control panel, Date and Time, Internet time, chose server or any other server from drop down menu and pressed Update Now, it always showed an error. Tried also the same on other networks with my laptop, error is still there, which means it is not problem of my ISP.

    Could someone provide some fix or it is a bug of 1809 version.

    dzigibau, Feb 9, 2019

  2. Consistent change of clock time


    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I understand that the time keeps on changing. We will assist you to resolve the issue.

    To assist you better, I would like to know the troubleshooting steps that you have performed.

    I also suggest you to sync the time zone with internet time zone and check if it helps.

    • Click on date and Time from the action bar.
    • Click on Add clocks for different time zone.
    • Click on Internet Time Tab.
    • Change according to your preference.
    Hope the information helps. Let us know if you need further assistance. We will be happy to help.

    Thank you.
    Krishna Prasobh V, Feb 9, 2019
  3. Mail and Calendar app sync error: 0x080040154 on Windows 10

    Hi Karry,

    As you are facing issues with syncing the emails on Windows Mail & Calendar app, we will help you with this issue.

    Do let us know if you are referring to Windows Store Apps troubleshooter when you say: "Microsoft troubleshooting"?

    This issue might have occurred due to incorrect system date & time and sync options.

    Step 1: I suggest you to change the sync settings and check if it helps.

    • Open the Mail app and sign in to your account.
    • Click on the gear icon (Settings) from the bottom left corner.
    • Click on the Accounts under Settings.
    • Click on your account and select Change settings.
    • Click on the Change mailbox sync settings and check in the
      Sync options.

    Step 2: I suggest you to check with the system Date, time and Time zone
    is set correct.

    Follow the steps to set the date and time:

    • Type “Date and Time” in the search bar.
    • Click Change date and time button.
    • Click Apply and Ok to save the date and time.
    Note: Click on the Time Zone tab to check the Time Zone.

    Step 3: I suggest you to Disable Proxy Settings

    Windows Store apps won't work properly if you are using a proxy server. You may disable the proxy server and check.

    Follow the below steps.

    • Press Windows Key + R to open
      command, type inetcpl.cpl.
    • Under Internet Options, go to
    • c. Click on the LAN Settings button.
    • Then uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN.
    • Click Apply.

    Hope it helps. Get back to us with an updated status of syncing the emails for further assistance.

    Thank you.
    Deepika Gowda, Feb 9, 2019
  4. Windows 1809 Internet time sync not wotking

    Background / theme not syncing (Windows 10 1803)

    Hi wjhulzebosch,

    For me to provide you with relevant troubleshooting steps to address this problem, I would like to verify the following information:

    • Is this the first time you're trying to sync settings in all 5 devices? If not, was syncing working before?
    • Have you logged in your Microsoft account in all 5 devices?

    I know that you've already enabled the Sync your settings option in Microsoft Edge, however, I also suggest that you enable the Internet Explorer settings as well, as they use the same sync settings.

    If the issue persists, please restart the SettingsSyncHost.exe process and see if your computer is already synced. Follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on your taskbar and click Task Manager.
    2. Under Processes, select the Host Process for Settings Synchronization, then click
      End task.
    3. Restart your computer and let the process restart.

    Syncing with other devices may take time. I suggest that you give it about 24hrs.

    Should the issue persists, please update this thread so I can further assist you.

    Vanessa Yar, Feb 9, 2019

Windows 1809 Internet time sync not wotking

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