Windows 10: Windows 98 and XP superior products?

Discus and support Windows 98 and XP superior products? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hey all, You can call me Skate Ball Tyson if you want, or just Tyson for short. I'm a long time user of Windows, dating back to the era of that old... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by supervegeta, May 31, 2019.

  1. Windows 98 and XP superior products?

    Hey all,

    You can call me Skate Ball Tyson if you want, or just Tyson for short. I'm a long time user of Windows, dating back to the era of that old school Dig Dug, Pacman, Galaxian, Pole Position floppy disk your dad brought home if he were in IT. I'm also an extreme enthusiast for programming, and all technology & sciences.

    Does anybody else agree that Windows XP is definetly better? I'm getting extreme panic attacks at the fact that I don't seem to see anyone else out there that realizes this. Am I the last survivor? What the heck is going on? What is this that's being designed now?

    The problem is, that the Art industry, Language industry, among others, are all at a big downward spiral as of 2019, and it reflects in all of the corporate IT sector. Graphic designers just AREN'T following standard tried-and-true principles of UI's (seriously, these UI's cannot have been made with serious intent), and user experience.

    Yes, I'm not a buffoon, I know that it's not the engineers that are to blame, it's someone in top management. What the heck is going on? Where is Bill Gates? Why is the Operating System taking several several Gigabytes to even get running at a basic level, with a relatively blank C drive? When last I checked, the first rule of Engineering, is to get things as EFFICIENT AS POSSIBLE. We don't bloody maximize all our tech out and crank up the electric generators, we all know what happened the last time that occurred. If Person A has a 10 Tera or Zeta byte hard drive, that's fine, but I'd be more interested in seeing what Person B can do to get his or her files down to nanobytes in size. Seriously, what is going on here?

    I spent at least 3 weeks trying to clean up my desktop of all this garbage, like this "Grid" stuff, these annoying other things I can't even explain. Why are mistakes still being made 30 years later for a product that was already perfect to begin with? I fail to see why "Social Connecting" via Cyberality is more important for a freaking LOCAL operating system, than improving algorithms. I've yet to see one work of a good programmer here. Bill Gates made the name of Microsoft what it was, the ultimate godfathers of the virtuoelectral world. So why is the MS-DOS kernel being reduced to what it is today? An extremely laggy machine that right out of the box NEEDS to have at LEAST 4GB of RAM to even get booted up in time (if at all, half the time the damn thing doesn't even start).

    I also don't like that the whole demeanor of the client to machine relationship seems to be like I'm 5 years old. Why do you feel that because there's lay-people out there that don't know how to use the computer, that you have to talk to them like they're juvenile? Even children are smart (well, we were), and you can try to actually identify to us at a realistic level by not saying:


    "We've got some updates for you."

    HI? Why are you saying "Hi" to me? You do know that you can cause panic in senior citizens with that? It causes me anxiety too myself. The Start menu button is annoying to click because there's nothing really to click, I keep trying to click half the time but miss it. The damn Search algorithm HARD-EMBEDDED INTO THE START MENU IS LAGGY LIKE HELL. WHY? Could a person not use Merlin the Wizard, or the Search Puppy? They were perfectly fine, and only existant when I opened Windows Explorer.*Devil

    Also, I don't get why the thing has to keep automatically shutting down for no reason. Why are updates that mandatory? Isn't the product good when I first buy it? I'm not sure what the idea is...but people don't like to know that what they paid for is so messed up that you HAVE TO make me update it. My living room is a place that is entirely my own, and if I don't want a signal coming in to force my metal parts to do whatever the hell it is required in an update, I have the right to that. You cannot force an update on me.

    Also, I understand for advertisements and such, data collecting is necessary in cases. But to this extent, that you guys are logging key strokes.....seriously? Statistics on what f***ing applications I use? Yes, I know. It's not you guys. It's the damn management, and some deal they struck with someone. Why is this happening? And are you not rich enough that you can't say no to them? I share all my Assembly algorithms with people for free, homeless kids even and they love it. You don't see me complaining for a buck.

    Why does half the old software not work? DO NOT look up to modern Playstation for reference, of offering no backwards compatibility. People DO NOT like to spend 5 times on a product they ALREADY BLOODY HAVE. Issues with SecuROM and such are unnacceptable.

    Also, anyone wanna fill me in as to why there's 2 (TWO) Program Files folders? Come on man, does that not smell like bad code? If you need to flipping duplicate the Programs folder to accomodate 64 bit processor designed applications versus 32 bit, I don't think you're really in a position to be releasing 64-bit technology to the market...don't you think? Not to sound too insulting, I know you guys are human and are mostly from the retro disco generation like my grandkids are. But seriously man, they teach this in schools, they're tried and true methods.

    Also, why do none of the graphics have any shadows? This new trend that Apple has started of all buttons or any nodes having no borders or shadows is RIDICULOUS. It gets very annoying, and causes anxiety in many people I know. There's no bloody depth, and the result is you can't tell what's what. The flipping Next and Cancel buttons are NOT in the proper place, things are NOT centered, things are LAGGY, and generally doing ANYTHING takes 10 times as much time.

    What are all your thoughts? People seem to think we always have to just charge forward in life, and not ever look back. That's a classic mistake.

    Remember, a man who does not embrace his past can never have a future.

    supervegeta, May 31, 2019

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    why not try to use virtual PC and emulate windows 98 on a XP machine or did someone already suggest that?
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  3. erocker Win User
    Windows 98 and ME no longer updatable...

    Quite right, XP is still listed in technet. Win 98 unfortunately isn't. Windows 3.1 and 3.2 are listed though.
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  4. Windows 98 and XP superior products?

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    could someone please list the steps they follow to install windows with a dual core processor and windows xp service pack to. I'm reletively new to amd dual core and i feel i'm missing a step. All help will be appreciated. thanx
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Windows 98 and XP superior products?

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