Windows 10: Windows explorer reboot loop

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  1. Windows explorer reboot loop

    /u/Vicible, Sep 1, 2020
  2. Sharief K Win User

    Windows 10 endless loop reboot


    • Have you checked if the hard disk is set as first boot device in the BIOS?
    • Which version of Windows is installed on the computer?
    • What did the HP supported suggested you to fix the issue?

    I suggest you to follow the steps provided in the following article and check if it helps.

    Windows 10 endless loop reboot

    If the issue persists, please get back to us with the more information about the interaction with HP support and the outcome of the issue.
    Sharief K, Sep 1, 2020
  3. Chewy Win User
    windows explorer keeps rebooting

    I took my comp out of the case yesterday because I wanted to get started on painting/modding the chassis.. on first boot I had this issue but after I restarted my comp it went away. Today I go to turn it on and when it gets in windows it just constantly says windows explorer stopped responding and just keeps rebooting windows explorer non stop.

    I tried starting windows in safe mod but than it still keeps rebooting and even faster since the system is faster in safe mode.. well when I force shutdown last message that pops up before it turns off is like this.

    "0000-00000- something something - cannot read memory" something similar to that.

    the mobo is on top of the mobo box I plugged everything back in perfectly but ofc as usual my comp gives me problems.. or just vista lol I dont think my computer likes vista for its always given me problems but this is the software I want to use and wil not go back to xp since it has no dx10.

    my mobo has a little bend in it from my zalman 9500 cpu cooler backplate, but I would think that if the memory/ram does not have perfect contact than he comp would not work...

    Anyone have suggestions they will be appreciated, I have a headache now lol.
    Chewy, Sep 1, 2020
  4. Windows explorer reboot loop

    Windows Explorer Replacement?

    are you running IE7? if not that wouold be my first suggestion,upgrade to ie7 that can fix some stability issues with windows explorer
    Athlon2K15, Sep 1, 2020

Windows explorer reboot loop

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