Windows 10: Windows hangs at welcome screen (No fix has worked)

Discus and support Windows hangs at welcome screen (No fix has worked) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello. I am hoping that someone here can help me to solve this issue, because I am totally at a loss. Some months ago, I noticed that my internet... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Zer0Sum, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Zer0Sum Win User

    Windows hangs at welcome screen (No fix has worked)


    I am hoping that someone here can help me to solve this issue, because I am totally at a loss.

    Some months ago, I noticed that my internet would stop working, and some windows services (mainly due to windows explorer) would stop working as well. I couldn't click icons on the taskbar, etc.
    I could fix this by putting my machine into hibernate mode, and then immediately resuming from hibernate. I had to do this once a day, like clockwork. It work work for about 30 mins, then I would have issues, then I would hibernate/resume and it would work fine until the next day.

    Until once day when I couldn't sign in. I typed in my password, and it just hung at the "welcome" screen, with the rotating "busy" icon.

    NOTHING I tried worked.
    I tried scannow, dism, resetting the PC, etc, multiple driver and system updates and downgrades, etc.
    I tried scanning the memory with memtest 86+ and the windows memory checking tool.
    All indicated no issues or problems with the machine.
    Eventually I cloned my system to a new drive, but after a short while the problem reoccurred.

    Assuming this was an issue with windows, I eventually bought a THIRD hard disk and reinstalled windows from scratch, keeping the old one so I could copy my data over.

    That was a few weeks ago, and eventually I got all of the programs that I needed reinstalled, and I thought, finally, this is fixed.

    Until today.

    The SAME exact thing happened! The internet stopped working, windows explorer stopped working, so I restarted, and couldn't get past the welcome screen.

    I can access the machine fine in safe mode, all my data is there, nothing is amiss.

    I had some success with disabling all services and starting in "selective startup", but I have no idea which service is actually causing the problem.

    I tried removing the graphics card and running with the motherboard graphics port, nothing.
    I tried removing all external hard disks, (Except a secondary M.2 disk, I left that in, could that be it?) oculus rift, etc, etc. Still no change.

    The fact that selective startup (with all services disabled) and safe mode works seems to indicate a driver/compatibility problem, but remember, I have very few programs installed on my system, and all of them are commercial programs, Unity game engine, 3dsmax, Daz3d studio, visual studio, steam, notepad++, and a few other commercial game dev and general development programs.

    I have no games or dodgy stuff on my system. It's never been overclocked (I don't even have XMP enabled).

    All hardware checks (SMART tests, stress tests, etc, etc) have been fine.

    The system is just over 3 years old (apart from the hard disk, which is brand new).
    I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with all updates installed,
    I have 32GBs of corsair dominator RAM,
    an nVidia GTX 980TI,
    and a
    Intel Core i7-6700k.

    The fact that I am having the SAME issue on a brand new hard disk and brand new install of windows, with very few programs installed, baffles me. I have never run into a problem like this before.

    I can get the system to start in safe mode and selective startup with everything disabled, but selecting "normal startup" even with all startup apps and services STILL disabled, causes windows to get stuck at the login screen again.

    At this point, I am ready to abandon this and buy a WHOLE new system. I work in computers, I need a fairly powerful machine, and I really, really, don't want to spend thousands of euros right now.

    Is there anything left that I can try? I mean if I could even narrow it down to one failed component that would be something, I could replace that and nothing else.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Zer0Sum, Feb 24, 2019

  2. Windows 10 infinite restart black screen

    The tutorials provided are just a list of troubleshooting steps. Use only the steps which apply to you.

    Since none of the troubleshooting steps here worked, I'd suggest you do a Clean install.

    AmericanPharaoh, Feb 24, 2019
  3. zbook Win User
    Programs not working

    In post 26 there were steps listed to fix the operating system corruption.
    Are you able to follow them?
    In post 29 was the suggested dism repair command.
    zbook, Feb 24, 2019
  4. jmcslob Win User

    Windows hangs at welcome screen (No fix has worked)

    Windows 7 - Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) help?

    @ BluDKlot ur answer is already listed in this post....Read it over it's actually a simple fix..
    and yes please get ur own thread

    @ Bulgarianboy92 did you remove ur OC as Sneekypeet suggested and did that work?
    jmcslob, Feb 24, 2019

Windows hangs at welcome screen (No fix has worked)

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