Windows 10: Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution

Discus and support Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution in Windows 10 Graphic Cards to solve the problem; I'm experiencing a blurry/small display for text (and some images) across a wide variety of apps and the desktop. Using Alienware x51 R2. Basically... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Graphic Cards' started by EpicWestern, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution

    I'm experiencing a blurry/small display for text (and some images) across a wide variety of apps and the desktop.
    Using Alienware x51 R2. Basically this started about a month ago after installing Witcher3. So I'm not sure if driver updates caused some problem, playing the game caused some sort of hardware fail, or something else. Originally this problem existed in 8.1, so I thought windows 10 might fix it, but I had the blackscreen error during installation that a lot of people seem to be getting. The black screen was fixed (I replaced old cable to HDMI cable) but the text is still blurry. I'm also getting a weird notification popping up when I log on that my resolution is supposed to be 1980,1536 while my montior's (Samsung SyncMaster 2494 HM) top resolution is 1980, 1080. This error also seems to occur when I cycle through sources on my monitor.
    I've also tried switching back and forth between intel and nvidia video drivers (by disabling them one at a time in settings), but the problems seems to be about the same.
    All drivers are up to date. I've also messed with dpi settings in about every configuration possible without success. I'm starting to think its a monitor problem but I'm just wondering if anyone has any good tests/fixes if they think its something else.

    EpicWestern, Jul 29, 2015
  2. RDLouks Win User

    Hardrive identified incorrectly

    Thanks, same here I ended up installing "Smart Defrag 4".

    I can't help but think this is related to why I can't install Intel's RST program to view and control my RAID ARRAY.

    If I would have had any idea of these kind of problems with Windows 10, I would have stayed with Win 7.
    RDLouks, Jul 29, 2015
  3. Brian_74 Win User
    Hardrive identified incorrectly

    I had to go to a 3rd party defrag software. I am not at my computer so I can not tell you the name of it.

    It will be a few days before I can get to it to tell you the name but it is a free defragmenter program.
    Brian_74, Jul 29, 2015
  4. Knocks Win User

    Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution

    Same problem with Samsung SyncMaster 2432M. This issue is also causing my desktop icons to be messed up every time Windows wakes up from sleep and complains about a non-optimal resolution.

    Did you ever get it resolved?
    Knocks, Aug 7, 2015
  5. Dch48 Win User
    After the upgrade my desktop picture was shrunken into the middle of the screen and text looked chopped off at the bottom. I discovered that Win 10 had set my resolution to something like 2560 X 1440 which my monitor doesn't even support. I changed it back to 1920 X 1080 and everything went back to normal. I did notice that text was blurry though so I ran the cleartype wizard and fixed it. It's all good now.
    Dch48, Aug 7, 2015
  6. TopGeek Win User
    Since installing Win 10, a couple of days ago. twice when my PC wakes from Sleep Mode, the screen resolution has been incorrect with much larger icons and stretched horizontally. Rebooting corrects the problem but it is a nuisance.
    TopGeek, Aug 8, 2015
  7. Update: I feel like I've narrowed the problem down to being some weird driver issue. When I had both the NVidia and Intel card disabled windows basic adapter kicks in which actually correctly displays my desktop with clear icons/text. Somehow, after reinstalling the Intel drivers (I'm keeping Nvidia disabled for now), my screen is correct *sometimes*. Over the past few days coming in and out of sleep mode or after a restart its almost totally random whether my display will be correct or not.
    EpicWestern, Aug 9, 2015
  8. TopGeek Win User

    Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution

    Well, I thought the rule was "If it worked in 8.1 it will work in 10" so maybe MS will tweak it when they get this feedback.
    TopGeek, Aug 9, 2015
  9. Knocks Win User
    I have installed the latest version of Intel HD video drivers, released specifically for Windows 10, hoping that it would fix the problem. It didn't help.

    My desktop icon layout still gets messed up every time Windows comes out of sleep, and I have to use a third-party utility to restore the layout manually every single time. It's extremely annoying!
    Knocks, Aug 13, 2015
  10. TopGeek Win User
    Mine is not as bad as that but it seems to be every 4 - 5 wake-ups display the incorrect screen resolution. Just rebooting puts it right. It has not yet happened with full shut-down. However, I tend to leave it in Sleep mode overnight to allow updates to take place.
    TopGeek, Aug 13, 2015
  11. Knocks Win User
    Has anyone been able to fix this yet? I have to manually restore my desktop icon layout several times a day, and it's starting to get really old.
    Knocks, Sep 6, 2015
  12. TopGeek Win User
    I still get this and it does also happen from the full shutdown state, not every time but maybe 1 in 3.
    TopGeek, Apr 5, 2018

Windows incorrectly identifies optimal resolution

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