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Discus and support Windows Live Mail 2012 nightmares in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi, I have a really frustrating issue since changing web hosts, the problem I am having is my mates email (as per the title), it's as though it keeps... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Alan22, May 24, 2016.

  1. Alan22 Win User

    Windows Live Mail 2012 nightmares

    Hi, I have a really frustrating issue since changing web hosts, the problem I am having is my mates email (as per the title), it's as though it keeps syncing with something else, he is a major technophobe, and can't handle change, so simply using a different client is not an option.

    Now every time I try to get his emails back, they just revert back to the messed up state, vanishing from the proper folder they were put it, using recovered data as it's way of accepting the emails, I am not used to the client, so I am unsure what and how it acts\works\displays, there is the main email block near the top on the left panel that is standard in any client, but then it has a secondary group of folders under that labelled "Storage" in another group of the same headings (albeit some in numerous "recovered" sub folders as well), and no matter how many times I try and move them over, they keep coming back as rescued files.

    I have uninstalled the client, reinstalled it, and it makes it worse, putting back what files I have been able to move over from the proper in-boxes etc, as recovered files again, I have then uninstalled it again using Revo, cleaning out all it's leftovers from the hidden files etc as well, then run junk file cleaners to clear the all out, rebooted, run the junk files cleaners again, double checking no files had came back again then reinstalling it again, and they still come back again, but a variation during this, and that's they are listed in slightly different folders listed as the dates had changed, like it's made completely new recovered folders\files.

    Now as annoying that is, there is a more serious flaw, when he reply's to emails, they do not go into the "Sent" box under the main "correct" folder(s) structure, also his deleted files are not where they should be, they end up in another set of folders as though they are rescued files, it's driving me nuts.
    I am also struggling to reinstate his emails, from doing this in the past numerous times over the years, I have always been able to drag and drop his emails directly into the programs correct hidden folders, as I have copied them out in the same manner from within it's hidden folders. only they never appear in the client, when I go to check, I have done this before the program is launched, and live when it is launched, no change, but again in the past it has always worked.

    The only thing that seems to work (but not all cases) is with the client open\running, is to highlight the files in the bottom section, then select "Move to" icon on the top bar, and it has worked for a limited amount of files, but there are files\folders that just refuse to work, e.g. there are 2 "Outbox" folders, 1 underneath the proper main email groups, the 2nd is in any number of locations in the "Storage" folder(s), when I try to copy the wrongly placed Outbox files, to the correct Outbox, there is no option under the "Move" files as above, it is greyed out so you can't do it, on the times when it has allowed the file transfers I have deleted the empty folders, and I have now got say 75% if it as it should be, but there is still the problem(s) of mail not going to the correct default folders at the top, and the remaining files not allowing any transfers, it is also not helped by the shear volume of emails he has (around 16k IIRC), any idea's people ? *Confused

    Alan22, May 24, 2016
  2. Chris3W Win User

    Live mail - links won't open

    Update ; just found this info re Live Mail......

    Windows live mail 2012

    Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3564.1216)
    Chris3W, May 24, 2016
  3. Jmarco0921, May 24, 2016
  4. robgr Win User

    Windows Live Mail 2012 nightmares

    Is this a POP3 or IMAP account?
    Are there any issues when using webmail?
    Can you try a different client, e.g. Thunderbird?
    robgr, May 24, 2016
  5. Alan22 Win User
    Hi, the old host he had to use pop3, I could never figure out why the imap would not work, some sort of a security thing on the hosts side was as close as I got to finding anything out, but now it's using imap on the new host, web mail works OK, but I am still getting to grips with the settings, as there are loads more controls\options compared to the old host, he told me he couldn't find his deleted emails earlier, and I have literally just stumbled across a setting in the web mail that you have to check to move the mail to the bin, it's pre-set was to just put a line through them and leave them in the inbox.

    I have tried using Outlook (a part of office 2007) to no avail, and I have tried Thunderbird, but that didn't help either, whatever is going on is a part of Live 2012, because even if you put an organised set of files into Live 2012 again, it just undoes everything, well a large part at least, it's as though it is syncing itself back to what it was prior most times from somewhere I can't fathom, there is 1 other thing with the new host that I have never encountered before, and that's the way it sync's, it's 2 way, previous it held the mail on the server, and that was it, this new host sync's with the client as well, so all sent mails, deleted mails etc were also held\sync'd to the server as well as the client.

    The new host also has a different design than I am used to, it has Junk instead of Spam, Trash instead of Deleted, and rather than being grouped with the other inbox folders they are separated, and alongside the imported mail, silly stuff I know, but I mention it incase it gives any clues, but I do have a large part of his client sorted, it's stupid thing like not being able to move the last of the emails into the new folder structures, like from the secondary Outbox, to the primary Outbox, the move option is greyed out, and physically moving the folders\files fails, as you can copy them over just fine, but refresh the folder you have just moved the files into, and you get nothing, the files have gone again back to where they came from.

    And god knows why I can't drag and drop like I have many times previously, that has the same effect, dragging them or cut and paste them, they go back to where they were were got from, I hope this gives some sign of what is going on, Thanks for the reply.
    Alan22, Apr 5, 2018

Windows Live Mail 2012 nightmares

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