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Discus and support Windows Mail - Embedded Images (Not attachments) in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi All When someone sends me a photo but rather than adding using paper-clip icon in whatever mail client they are using, it is getting pasted in to... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by jimbo, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. jimbo Win User

    Windows Mail - Embedded Images (Not attachments)

    Hi All
    When someone sends me a photo but rather than adding using paper-clip icon in whatever mail client they are using, it is getting pasted in to the body of the mail. When received, I can't save or print it - only able to COPY or DELETE if I 'right click' - if I left click it looks like this:

    Windows Mail - Embedded Images (Not attachments) [​IMG]

    When I click on it - I don't get a SAVE option at all. if I double-click nothing happens. If I choose COPY - then open a folder - paste is greyed out...

    If it is sent as an attachment, the open email displays a thumbnail as expected - and I click that to open 'Photos' app - from where I can print / save etc.

    Any offers?

    Thanks in advance.

    jimbo, Aug 13, 2015
  2. bkaul Win User

    Viewing attachments in HTML e-mails

    I saw that thread, but it's unrelated to the problem I'm having. The user there is complaining of an inability to view e-mail messages that are forwarded as attachments, while .jpg and .pdf files, etc. are fine. What I'm noticing is that .jpg and other image
    file types are excluded from the listing of attachments to an HTML e-mail altogether after being downloaded, so that if they're not embedded in the message using HTML <img> tags, they are impossible to view on the phone.

    I believe what's happening is that image files are suppressed from the attachment list for HTML e-mails so that mass-mailings and newsletters with a lot of images don't show a massive list of attachments for all the embedded images. It makes some sense to
    suppress a listing of embedded image file attachments for this reason. Butall image file attachments are being suppressed from the listing if the e-mail is composed in HTML format rather than using plain text. So if I e-mail an image from
    Outlook on my computer to a friend who's using WP7, he won't be able to see the attachment if I have Outlook set to compose in HTML. If it's set to compose in plain text, the attachment shows up just fine.

    It's quite annoying to receive e-mails from friends that obviously have attached images, but not be able to see the image until I get to my computer. This one really should be addressed.
    bkaul, Aug 13, 2015
  3. bkaul Win User
    Viewing attachments in HTML e-mails

    I've noticed that when I receive e-mails with photos attached, in some cases the attachment isn't viewable on my phone. While the paperclip icon appears in the message list, once viewing the message, there are no attachments shown. The first time the message
    is viewed, a link to "Download message and internet pictures" will appear at the bottom, but once the download is complete, the link disappears and no additional content is displayed. This seemed to be tied to messages I received from particular senders, rather
    than the type of account that's being synced. (I have both an Exchange account (account appears as "Outlook" on the phone) and a Gmail account synchronized on my phone, and have seen reports of other people experiencing similar behavior with POP3.)

    I did some troubleshooting on this one, sending e-mails to my personal Exchange account from my work e-mail account. I found that if I set my work e-mail to compose in plain text, the message and attachments appear perfectly when viewed on my phone. If I
    compose the e-mail in HTML, however, then if I simply attach an image without embedding it in the body of the message, the aforementioned behavior (link to download internet content) persists. If I attach other files (e.g. pdfs) along with the images, they
    show up properly as attachments, but the images are still considered "internet pictures" that don't display even once they're downloaded since they're not embedded in the body of the message.

    I understand why it could be desirable to suppress listing of all attached images that are embedded in an image-rich HTML e-mail message, but suppressing the listing of all images attached to HTML-formatted e-mails leads to it being very difficult to do
    something simple like send a picture via e-mail and view it on my phone. There's got to be a better way here.

    Does anyone know of a workaround to view attached images in HTML-formatted e-mail messages on Windows Phones? Or is this a bug we'll just have to wait for Microsoft to (hopefully) address in one of the updates?
    bkaul, Aug 13, 2015

Windows Mail - Embedded Images (Not attachments)

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