Windows 10: Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection

Discus and support Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Hi, so I'm running windows 10 education and i was on google looking for movies. And i clicked on a link from google. Immediately my chrome goes wild.... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by SonofKane, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. SonofKane Win User

    Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection

    Hi, so I'm running windows 10 education and i was on google looking for movies.

    And i clicked on a link from google. Immediately my chrome goes wild. Sounds are going off, the website on the screen is blinking, my chrome window goes from half screen to full screen and everything is growing crazy. Something gets downloaded and my windows defender pops up and tells me it found threats. I'm not entirely sure what got downloaded but i did see something got downloaded but it also said that it was a threat and the download failed, (apparently).

    But then i went to my settings and tried to open windows security which was telling me there were threats with the yellow triangle. But when i clicked on it windows security didn't open. Instead it showed me the "always open with" windows with Microsoft Store at the only suggestion. So apparently i don't have windows security anymore. Did the virus uninstall it? So i ran malwarebytes and it told me there were no problems. I restarted my pc and now windows security tells me there's no problems on the settings window only. Clicking windows security from settings still doesn't open it. It just links me to microsoft store so apparently it is gone. What is happening? Do i have a virus?

    SonofKane, Jul 11, 2019
  2. simrick Win User

    PUP Threats Detected By Malwarebytes

    Check your list of installed programs and remove any toolbars. Run MBAM again, including rootkit detection, and do a full scan of all your hard drives, not just a Threat scan. Then, reset your Chrome browser.

    Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection [​IMG]

    Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection [​IMG]
    simrick, Jul 11, 2019
  3. btarunr Win User
    Intel Announces iGPU-accelerated Threat Detection Technology

    Today, Intel is taking another step forward, with two new technology announcements: Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT), a set of silicon-level capabilities that will help the ecosystem detect new classes of threats, and Intel Security Essentials, a framework that standardizes the built-in security features across Intel processors. We are also announcing a strengthened academic partnership with Purdue University, to help accelerate the development and availability of cybersecurity talent.

    Intel Threat Detection Technology leverages silicon-level telemetry and functionality to help our industry partners improve the detection of advanced cyberthreats and exploits. Today we are announcing the first two Intel Threat Detection Technology capabilities, including implementation plans by Microsoft and Cisco.

    The first new capability is Accelerated Memory Scanning. Current scanning technologies can detect system memory-based cyberattacks, but at the cost of CPU performance. With Accelerated Memory Scanning, the scanning is handled by Intel's integrated graphics processor, enabling more scanning, while reducing the impact on performance and power consumption. Early benchmarking on Intel test systems show CPU utilization dropped from 20 percent to as little as 2 percent.

    Microsoft will integrate Accelerated Memory Scanning into Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection's (ATP)* antivirus capability, which is available now.

    The second Intel Threat Detection Technology is Intel Advanced Platform Telemetry. Intel Advanced Platform Telemetry combines platform telemetry with machine learning algorithms to improve the detection of advanced threats, while reducing false positives and minimizing performance impact. The first Cisco product to take advantage of this integration will be the Cisco Tetration platform, which provides data center security and cloud workload protection.

    I am excited about the progress we are making, together with these key partners, to pioneer innovations across silicon and software to help protect customers from emerging threats.

    Intel Security Essentials: Built-in Security Foundation
    Today we are also launching Intel Security Essentials, which will ensure a consistent set of critical root-of-trust hardware security capabilities across Intel Core , Intel Xeon and Intel Atom processors. These capabilities are platform integrity technologies for secure boot, hardware protections (for data, keys and other digital assets), accelerated cryptography and trusted execution enclaves to protect applications at runtime.
    This standard set of capabilities will accelerate trusted computing as customers build solutions rooted in hardware-based protections. Further, these capabilities, directly integrated into Intel silicon, are designed to improve the security posture of computing, lower the cost of deploying security solutions and minimize the impact of security on performance.

    Strengthening Academic Partnership with Purdue University
    Intel is committed to being an active partner in the security ecosystem. The tech industry has a well-documented shortage of cybersecurity talent. To meet today's cybersecurity challenges, we need the industry and academia to accelerate the development and availability of the next generation of security-minded professionals.

    To that end, we are strengthening cybersecurity partnerships with academia to advance research and begin to close the talent gap in the industry. Today, Purdue University is announcing the launch of its Design for Security Badge Program for students and professionals, developed in partnership with Intel.

    Several other partners will be making announcements at RSA this week, so I encourage everyone at the conference to stop by our booth (#3435 in North Hall) to learn more.

    Intel is committed to helping secure the digital world, beginning with a secure foundation at the silicon level. Together with our industry partners - and in line with our security first pledge - we will continue to work tirelessly to safeguard our customers and their data.
    btarunr, Jul 11, 2019
  4. Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection

    security threat


    Please stay with this thread
    security threat
    try the suggestions and

    post your results.

    Don't start yet another new thread about this

    hacktool: win32/autokms issue.

    Don Varnau, Jul 11, 2019

Windows Security Uninstalls itself after threat detection

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