Windows 10: WLM contacts, program collapses

Discus and support WLM contacts, program collapses in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Whenever I want to access the contacts in WLM, the program crashes. The auto-complete works but I wonder whether one day the whole program will not... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by daniel1703, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. WLM contacts, program collapses

    Whenever I want to access the contacts in WLM, the program crashes. The auto-complete works but I wonder whether one day the whole program will not function any more.

    daniel1703, Jul 31, 2017
  2. quinnje.1 Win User

    In Windows 10 Mail client, can I click on an email and drag it to another folder in same or different account?

    I am currently using Windows Live Mail (WLM). I have a POP Verizon account, multiple IMAP Gmail accounts, and an IMAP account. I moved all my user defined folders to the account because I was having trouble synchronizing folders
    in the Gmail accounts between 2 PCs. Folder deletion in WLM from a Gmail account did cause the folder to be deleted from the Gmail web but did not then get synchronized on another PC in WLM.

    Now MS is forcing me to change. I either have to move folders to a different email service that works with WLM or replace WLM.

    I have tried Thunderbird client, Windows 10 Mail client, and Zoho Mail service. To quote the song "I still haven't found what I'm looking for".

    QUESTION: In Windows 10 Mail client, can I CLICK on an email and DRAG it to another folder in same or different account? I cannot figure how to do this since as soon as I "pick" and account, all other accounts and their folders contract/collapse. Even
    within one account, when I "pick" a folder, all other folders contract/collapse. When I "pick" and email, all other conversations contract/collapse. This is WHAT I HATE about Windows 10 Mail!!! It appears that I have to pick and email, pick move, pick an
    account, pick a folder, ........ to move an email.

    WLM lets me expand and contract accounts, folders, conversations and thus allows CLICK and DRAG.

    Am I missing something in Windows 10 Mail? Is there a setting that lets me control expansion and contraction of accounts, folders, conversations such that I can just CLICK and Drag an email?

    If not, then the developers blew it! This is NOT an improvement in productivity!
    quinnje.1, Jul 31, 2017
  3. rcciren2 Win User
    Syncing with Windows Live Mail contacts / calendar

    Just bought a new PC with Windows Vista that has Windows Live Mail (WLM) installed but not Outlook. So that I could access my old Outlook contacts, I installed and old copy of Outlook XP. I wanted to migrate to WLM entirely and do away with the old Outlook
    program. So I have WLM Contacts and Calendar which by "jiggery-pokery" (a technical term, I assure u WLM contacts, program collapses :) ) I managed to copy the Contacts from my old Outlook .pst file into WLM Contacts. There appears no way to get Outlook appointments into WLM Calendar.

    ANYWAY, when I connect my HTC S710 to the PC (no sync partnership yet established) Win Mobile Device Center opens and asks me to set up. I have a list of data-sets with which to sync including Contacts, Calendar etc (which I assume are the Mobile Outlook
    entities and at the bottom of the list another couple of items called Contacts and Calendar...which I assume are the WLM versions. However, the check boxes for these last two are grayed out and not selectable. As I'd actually like to sync my phone now with
    the new WLM entities, how do I get these items available to sync? Sorry if that's confusing...but that's exactly how i find myself right now. Any help would be much appreciated.
    rcciren2, Jul 31, 2017
  4. WLM contacts, program collapses

    Hi daniel1703. Welcome to the TenForums @daniel1703

    The short answer is "Yes" to all the Windows Essential (Live) products. Support has been dropped officially by MS.

    I would recommend looking for alternatives. If you want a mail client on your device you could look at Thunderbird. Mixed reviews, I've used for years with little trouble. That said it is not as colourful.

    Caledon Ken, Jul 31, 2017
  5. Helmut Win User
    WLM is no longer supported. You will have to look at alternatives.

    Windows 10 comes with the Mail and People(Contacts) Apps. Set those up whilst looking around for alternatives.
    Helmut, Apr 5, 2018

WLM contacts, program collapses

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