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Discus and support Wrong language on errors in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; If I get an error message (or blue screen, not responding, etc), it displays on the original language of the system, even though I removed the entire... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by DY4Y, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. DY4Y Win User

    Wrong language on errors

    If I get an error message (or blue screen, not responding, etc), it displays on the original language of the system, even though I removed the entire language pack after originally upgrading to Windows 10 (didn't happen before the most recent update). How do I fix this, so that everything displays in my preferred language?


  2. Windows 10 Installed in the Wrong Language?


    Thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

    To assist you better I would like to know, what was the base language for your previous Operating system?

    I would suggest you to follow the below steps and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Remove the Existing language.

    • Press Windows + X on your keyboard.

    • Select Control panel.

    • Select language.

    • Click on the Option adjacent to the
      Existing language.

    • Click on remove under input method.
    Step 2: Add English Language.

    • Press Windows + X on your keyboard.

    • Select Control panel.

    • Select language.

    • Click on Add language.

    • Add the English language from the given list.

    If you want a language pack:

    You may refer to the suggestions posted by Andre Da Costa on the following thread.

    Can I change language in Windows 10 Home edition?

    Hope this information was helpful.
    Sahil Bali, Jul 25, 2018
  3. RFC3514 Win User
    Tooltips displayed in the wrong language

    Although my version of Windows is set to English and the GPU-Z "Tooltip Language" appears as "System Default (English (United Kingdom))", the tooltips are appearing in the language corresponding to my system locale (or possibly keyboard layout), not the actual system language. I frequently change the keyboard layout and date format (to match the clients I'm working for and the language I'm writing in), but the system language never changes (and software is supposed to run in that language).

    I can manually select "English (United States)", but this basically makes it impossible for me to select the "correct" language (i.e., UK English), because it doesn't appear in the list (other than as "system default" - but is then ignored). Obviously it makes no difference to me if it's in UK or US English, but people with other language combinations might have a problem.

    It seems the routine that populates the language list in the options is (correctly) determining the system language, but the routine that actually generates the tooltips is (incorrectly) reading the system locale instead of language.
    RFC3514, Jul 25, 2018
  4. Wrong language on errors

    Insider Programme message in the wrong language


    I suggest you to change the Country or Region settings to
    United States and check if it helps.

    Follow the steps:

    • Go to Settings
      and select Time & Language.

    • Click on Region & Language
      and set country or region to United States.

    Hope this helps. If the issue remains unresolved, please get back to us and we would be happy to help.
    Anju Thekkethil, Jul 25, 2018

Wrong language on errors

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