Windows 10: WTHeck is Arrow Backup ?

Discus and support WTHeck is Arrow Backup ? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Suddenly a folder named ArrowBackup showed up on my OneDrive. It contains a file named I do not have this ArrowBackup... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by GeneralLee01, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. GeneralLee01 Win User

    WTHeck is Arrow Backup ?

    Suddenly a folder named ArrowBackup showed up on my OneDrive. It contains a file named I do not have this ArrowBackup program installed, so I assume this is generated by another program using ArrowBackup. Any suggestions ?

    GeneralLee01, Oct 27, 2018
  2. StanWilsonXU Win User

    Back arrow

    In Internet Explorer, when my cursor hovered over the "Back" arrow, a list of recent pages would drop down. I can't make this happen with Edge. Any suggestions?
    StanWilsonXU, Oct 27, 2018
  3. Geekoid Win User
    Using network hard drive for backup

    It depends what sort of backup you want to do. If you're happy just backing up regular files, then there are a bazillion (really, that many!) different bits of freeware to do that. There is a good list here:

    Download Back Up Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks

    and pretty much all of them can do network backups. Some even have fancy options like encryption. Really, the most useful thing is just being able to schedule them and know they ran OK.

    You may also want to make a system image backup too, and you'll find that software in the very same list.

    I don't have Windows 8 as yet, so I'm afraid I can't suggest any for that platform. Personally, I use Clonezilla for image backups.
    Geekoid, Oct 27, 2018
  4. Hybrid_theory Win User

    WTHeck is Arrow Backup ?

    down arrow key stopped working

    My razor lycosa down arrow key decided to not respond at some point today. The other ones work and so does the numpad arrow if i turn off the numlock. Sounds like its just broken and im screwed, but any suggestions?
    Hybrid_theory, Oct 27, 2018

WTHeck is Arrow Backup ?

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