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    Noah Gonzales, Feb 2, 2023

  2. Switching between windows versions from terminal

    So to answer my own question:

    It is possible

    the problem is how to find out the ID of each windows installed. For some reason windows 10 didn't want to show the numbers just "current" and "default" for id.

    Windows 8.1 manage to show me the ID for windows 10 lol.

    After another reboot in windows 10 i was able to get the id for windows 8.1 with the same command as before.

    So how to do it:

    Open command prompt probably with administrator rights (i have UAC completely disabled so i have no clue if u need administrator)

    Type bcdedit and press enter

    You'll get a lot of gibberish but you need only the identifier part for all OSes.

    Now you need to create a text file for each OS with the following 2 commands in it:

    bcdedit /default {xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-wwwwwwwwwwww}

    shutdown -r -t 1

    the {xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-wwwwwwwwwwww} is the identifier for each OS and yes you have to type also the braces.

    1st line sets default os for next reboot

    2nd line reboots the computer after 1 second.

    Change the extension from txt to cmd.

    and thats it.

    when you want to restart just double click it. probably it will ask for administrator...i have no clue

    Also to make thinks move a bit faster go to System (win+Pause keys)

    Go to Advance system settings->Settings in Startup and Recovery section and uncheck
    Time to display list of operating systems

    This will disable the option to chose which os you want to use during boot time since you don't need it anymore.
    [[Daniel]], Feb 2, 2023


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