Windows 10: XGPS150A Work with Windows 10?

Discus and support XGPS150A Work with Windows 10? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I am trying out my Dual XGPS150A GPS receiver that I used on my iPad on my local PC to see how it works. It appears to pair okay and it adds an... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by veldthui, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. veldthui Win User

    XGPS150A Work with Windows 10?

    I am trying out my Dual XGPS150A GPS receiver that I used on my iPad on my local PC to see how it works. It appears to pair okay and it adds an incoming and outgoing port but no software seems to want to connect to it. Have tried Maps which should work with it but no luck. Tried a couple of GPS apps and no go either.
    I am trying it on my PC before my new Surface Pro 4 arrives.

    Anyone know if this combo should work or not?

    veldthui, Nov 17, 2015

  2. I am done with Windows

    This is pretty simple, I just need Microsoft to hear this...

    I am a media professional...I have my own workstation is very fast and works just fine. Wrapping up a whole week of 15 hour days, Windows decides it needs an update and slows my computer to a crawl. To get it up again I have to reboot...which
    causes another wasted half hour, and then another half hour waiting for all the updates to finalize in the background after it has booted.

    I am so sick of this $H!T happening. It is so must valuable time wasted, and you know half the developers at this **** company know all about it. Just look at their tech's an utter joke - focused solely on wasting people's time and confusing
    them until they give up.

    It is simply undeniable now that Microsoft has no idea how to run their company, is never going to improve the product, and simply can't get their $H!T together. I hate Apple and have been avoiding buying a Mac for years, but I just can't deal with this
    anymore. It is too much of a time sink and way too frustrating.

    See ya, Microsoft, your entire company is a giant load of ****. All the the exec's should be fired. Promote people who are actually good and not a bunch of know nothings who don't get it.
    Done with Windows, Nov 17, 2015
  3. Work Email won't work with Windows 10

    If they use exchange there should not be a reason why the 950 would not work. For all intends and purposes it's the same OS and configuration as for Windows 10. Maybe your iT dept should contact Microsoft and ask them for help

    To test, I just setup my work mail (through Exchange) on my WIN10 930 and it works just fine. My money here is on some configuration option on your companies exchange server which is not correct as Windows Phone has always been extremely strict in this regard
    for obvious reasons. Also, as you are probably well aware, this _is_ an unfinished OS and there could be an issue here in certain situations that needs to be fixed. That you make the choice to start using the 950 while knowing the OS is not really finished
    yet is always going to bring some risk.

    What errors are you getting and what was the answer Microsoft gave when you contacted them on this (before you decided to post here, on a user to user support community forum)?

    First off, thank you for your continued comments. It is much appreciated.

    It is my understanding now that if you upgrade from 8.1 to Win 10 you will not have an issue but out of the box Win 10 will not work. I have a Surface Pro3 running 8.1 and a Surface Pro4 running Win10. My email works on the Surface Pro3 8.1 as it also
    does on my Lumia 925 running 8.1. The email will not run using "fresh out of the box" Win10. I went the next step and upgraded an older laptop to Win10 and guess what, it works.

    To be clear, when I set up an account on my Surface Pro 4 or my 950, it says that the account is set up. However, nothing is syncs. If I try and send an email via Outlook 2016, it sits in the outbox. If I send it using Mail App, I get the notice that
    the account needs to be "Fix" so I try and fix it but I have to retype the information.

    I have called text support and they said it will work but they can't get it too either. I have been chatting with several different support teams and they all say the same thing, they don't understand why I won't work. I got a message that they were aware
    of the problem and that it was fixed. They suggested to bring it back to the store and replace it, which I did...twice. While at the store, three separate tech personnel worked on both my Surface Pro 4 and my phone and three separate phones in the store
    trying all different configurations and not one of them worked. They called Microsoft tech support while I was there and they were told the samething, it should work, it was a know issue and they fixed it. They said to do a hard reboot, no luck, then they
    told them to roll it back to the first Win10 and let it install all updates, no luck.

    As far as my Surface Pro 4 is concerned, I get the same story. It should work, it will work, we have to change some configs. Then I am told that it won't work because I am running Office 2016 so I uninstalled it, did what they said and rolled it back to
    Office 2013. Although I was told with 100% confidence that that was the issue...Still no luck. I was then told I would be transferred to another department higher up more suitable to deal with the issue. After being disconnected three times from the chat
    and then hung up on twice, last night I finally got someone who stayed with me. After two hours of chatting, I was finally given a number to call with a "ticket number" but they want $499.00 for to investing my issue and there is NO guarantee it will fix
    the issue.

    My work IT has had the same issue to the point were they are not spending any more time or money on my issue and told me to get an iPhone and an iPad or Android and get away from Windows because "they just work."
    PhillipCasale, Nov 17, 2015
  4. veldthui Win User

    XGPS150A Work with Windows 10?

    Turns out it requires driver software between the comm port and the location data that acts as a location sensor. GPSComplete does this but requires the window to stay open. Would rather just a tray icon. Anyone know of any other software like GPSDirect?
    veldthui, Nov 18, 2015

XGPS150A Work with Windows 10?

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