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Discus and support Yahoo Password Change Question in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hey all. Im having issues logging into my primary gmail account as i posted this in my other thread. The thing is i have my account and password but... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by paulyjustin, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Yahoo Password Change Question

    Hey all. Im having issues logging into my primary gmail account as i posted this in my other thread. The thing is i have my account and password but apparently google doesn't let me in my account because the recovery email address i type is incorrect. I dont know how this is possible because its only a few emails it could be but in any case its incorrect.

    I want to change my yahoo email address in case my account get compromised etc. But when i went to yahoo and click change password, it ask me this

    For security, you will need to enter your new password across all of your devices yahoo

    Here is my issue. I log into yahoo mail on my laptop and my iphone SE. This iphone SE i already have my yahoo email entered into it already so i could view the email anytime. So i obviously have to change my password on my mail app in my iphone SE. What concerns me is i had an old iphone 4s that is in my old apartment in another country. I recently just flew from one country to another and that is probably why im locked out of my gmail account. Well that iphone 4s that i have in my old apartment, it doesn't work anymore because the battery/back of it sort of busted open. I never brought it anywhere to get it fixed/repaired etc. However, im pretty certain im signed into my yahoo and gmail account in the mail app as i typed in my account and password into it. So if someone were to get my broken iphone 4s and try to repair it or fix it, would they be able to start up my phone with all my information as they could view my emails?

    Because if so, i want to change my yahoo email address right now but it mention you need to change the password in every device. I assume i wont need to change it in that old broken iphone 4s right? Because if not, i will change the password of it right now. Im concerned if someone gets my iphone 4s as its in my apartment in another country and do something with it etc. But could i change my yahoo password now and even if someone get access to my old broken iphone 4s, then they cannot log in because of password change? Or could i not change the password now because im logged into my yahoo email app in my broken iphone 4s. Im not 100 percent sure but im close to sure i entered my yahoo and gmail account/password into it where i could just view email like that.

    paulyjustin, Mar 11, 2018

  2. Action Settings


    This notification may appear for reasons like changing your email password using a browser or an update is available for this application. In order for us to efficiently assist you, we just have few questions for you:

    • Were there any changes made to your computer prior to the issue?
    • Have you recently made changes to your Yahoo Mail password?
    • Is your Yahoo Mail connected to your Outlook or Windows Mail?

    Darian Tab, Mar 11, 2018
  3. Yahoo Mail suddenly stopped syncing

    Can you still get email from a NON Phone source? No matter, I would still help back to Yahoo support on this to see if an update on the server changed any mobile requirements. It happens. Be specific in your questions, because the easiest thing for them
    to say is to contact Microsoft. I will tell you straight up, if its a password scenario, then is absolutely nothing Microsoft can do...changes or not, validation of a yahoo password is an Yahoo issue.
    Phil101 Outlook, Mar 11, 2018
  4. Yahoo Password Change Question

    Hi Pauly.

    First on your new your SE I would look at erasing your iPhone remotely. Now given yours is offline I'm not sure how long the request will last on the Apple servers.

    I have a password on my iPhone and I have it set to delete all data after 10 invalid tries. This means it does not even have to connect to network to be erased.

    Next I would change my Yahoo password. The message you got from Yahoo is really telling you that you will have to enter new password on all devices.

    Next gmail. You will have to figure out alt mail address. Give it a break, constant tries will cause issues. Once you get into gmail go into your Account "My Account". Then into Sign in and security and invoke Security Check Up. It will or should list your iPhone 4 and should give you option to remove. It does on Androids as we just remove one of my wife's old phones.

    Caledon Ken, Mar 12, 2018
  5. Hey there like to update. I can finally log into my gmail account.

    I was able to actually go to my google settings and remove my iphone 4s from the devices linked to my gmail account.

    Now i just need to do it for my yahoo email. I do not have physical access of that iphone 4s as its in another country.

    So on my iphone se that i have with me, im already signed into the email app on yahoo. So you want me to sign out? Then sign in few times to get an error? The thing is right now im just not sure how many devices are connected to my yahoo email account. So there is no option to show this? For example if i had no issues earlier logging into my gmail account, i would have seen in the settings that my laptop, iphone se and iphone 4s are connected to email. Then i just delete the iphone 4s. I do not see this option on my yahoo settings email. So there isn't? But even if i reset my yahoo email, then how would i delete the iphone 4s? If i change my email for yahoo, do i change it on my iphone se or should i do it on my computer then? Well the message that say i have to change the password for all devices... well i dont have access to the 4s. And that phone doesnt even turn on which is why i dont have it with me and left it in my old apartment in another country.

    But are you telling me i could or cannot just change my email password for yahoo on my iphone SE... then log into my yahoo email on my computer.... and thats good enough? Or they wont allow me to make the password change if i dont make the last password change on the iphone 4s? The thing is im not 100 percent sure if i logged into my yahoo email account on my iphone 4s. I know i was logged into my gmail account mainly because i had google hangouts there... but with not sure. I would say percentage is pretty high but not sure. However, shouldn't that still mean if i change my password on my iphone SE, then log into it on my laptop, then i would have zero issues logging into it on these 2 devices only? Or there is a chance my account would get locked because i did not log into it from the iphone 4s.
    paulyjustin, Mar 12, 2018
  6. What did you also mean by erasing my iphone remotely? You mean the iphone 4s that i dont have access to right?
    paulyjustin, Mar 12, 2018
  7. Glad to hear you got gmail off.

    Yes I'm suggesting you login to Yahoo, which it sounds like you have, and change your password. Then you will need that new password.

    I don't think Yahoo has same functionality as gmail, so mail on iPhone 4 is still there and that will be an issue unless you erase remotely and that only works when phone joins a cellular network.

    Phones should have password and in my opinion should be set to delete after 10 tries.

    As to remote deleting phone please read the link I provided. Apple provided a way to remove contents of lost phones connected to network.
    Caledon Ken, Apr 5, 2018

Yahoo Password Change Question

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