Windows 10: do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10

Discus and support do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I upgrade to windows 10 after a month of it being out. I still have the windows 8.1 recovery media I made for my system do I need to make windows 10... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by hondacrv, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. hondacrv Win User

    do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10

    I upgrade to windows 10 after a month of it being out. I still have the windows 8.1 recovery media I made for my system do I need to make windows 10 recovery media for it? or will the windows 8.1 recovery media work and will I be able to re upgrade if I ever have to use it after the free upgrade period runs out?

    system specs below if you are curious.

    hondacrv, Feb 26, 2016
  2. lfor1959 Win User

    choosing and making factory restore media after Win 10 download

    New computer--upgraded to Win 10 and need to make a Factory Restore DVD or flash drive as computer did not come with one. When I attempted to do that--I am not allowed to continue after choosing the media. I saw that there may be something else that
    needs to be done after a 10 download to make the restore. Any ideas??
    lfor1959, Feb 26, 2016
  3. mlg63 Win User
    Win 10 Upgrade

    It is an upgrade and your files and programs will still work if they are all compatible with win 10. For instance Windows 7 Home Premium has Media Center but that will be removed since it is not compatible with windows 10. Of course make sure to make hard
    copies of personal files on external media--music, photos, docs etc-- in case you need to reinstall something.

    After the upgrade is done, you will be able to do a clean install of windows 10 using the Recovery Tools in win 10 if you want. Then you would have to reinstall all your files and programs.
    mlg63, Feb 26, 2016
  4. WHS
    whs Win User

    do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10

    Answer is no. But I would make an image of the current setup. A lot easier to recover from that.
  5. Besides seeing the 10 media created if you are able to boot live from a usb flash drive you can download the Media Creation tool in order to see the direct creation of the 10 media using an 8gb flash drive as the Threshold 2 Update contains both the Home and Pro edition in both 32bit and 64bit options since that had to cover all 10 installs for those not on on the Windows Insider Preview Program.

    The other option in case you need live access to the otherwise F8 recovery options but unable to get the F8 options for some sees an 8gb or 16gb Refresh Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    Night Hawk, Feb 26, 2016
  6. hondacrv Win User
    doing it right now looked at one of the turorials on doing it and doing it right now using the create recovery drive function built into windows. uninstalled dells recovery maker because it was begging for money.
    hondacrv, Feb 26, 2016
  7. Isn't that typical with any "Dell mare"?! *Rolleyes Here when first getting into 10 a little late for the Insider Program to be sure and simply going with the July 29th launch 10240 build I was first trying to run the upgrade type install with a pair of storage drives left plugged in and got nowhere fast! *Confused

    When going to look over the clean install guide at the time and found out that was the reason the rest started moving on. But having that media made up! before you could simply skip the upgrade entirely and still see 10 activated following another guide those first upgrade installs were fright-mares! *Eek Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

    When finding the 4gb size flash drive was simply going to be too small I ended up ordering several 8gb and 16gb flash drives both USB 2.0 and 3.0 with the 8gb having key chain holes for carrying a recovery drive along with you and not needing the 10 media itself for any quick repairs while on the go. I had just upgraded an older 7 laptop to 10 and didn't quite have the 10 dvd ordered later for the product key but also wanting the optical media since you couldn't call up the usual boot device menu on that model The new 10 laptop that replaced it won't boot from a flash drive either but does allow you to bring up that menu. UEFI factor in play there.
    Night Hawk, Feb 26, 2016
  8. Word Man Win User

    do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10

    You don't have to pay extra and upgrade Dell Backup and Recovery if you only want to make the Factory Recovery Media and possibly use those media to do a factory restore of your Dell machine as need may be down the road. That may or may not be perceived as of value to a given individual.

    The paid upgrade gives you (IMO, not worth it) file backup and some other bells and whistles.

    That being said, I agree with doing away with Dell Backup and Recovery but I only do that after I make the free Factory Restore Media and sock it away (usually in the box the machine came in). After that, I blow away the factory restore partition and reclaim the disk space it's hogging up.

    Looks like OP did make the factory restore media, so yeah, no use for DBAR beyond that point - who wants to get nagged to upgrade it?
    Word Man, Feb 26, 2016
  9. Well on the HP laptop I referred to earlier I ended nuking the entire drive when not able to shrink the OEM primary down any and cleared off every bloatware in the process to see a nice 64bit 10 Home install replace the first 64bit that replaced the immediate 32bit clean that replaced the totally buggy upgrade from the 32bit 7 Home Premium! Got all that? *chuckle

    I had originally made a full system image backup with Acronis TI back when it was first bought I could restore in the event I had to use the warranty option. After 3 1/2yrs. however a drive going toast and the display likely back lit nothing seeing anything all was all the prompting needed to grab a recently just out in Sept. '15 Toshiba with 17" screen for easier viewing! The battery that came with it is also a 4hr. battery compared to the 2hr. one seen with the HP I had replaced a year ago for a 4hr. one last summer actually go the person could sit outside a care facility to see the chatter and watch a dvd out in the fresh air!

    The replacement being a 750 replacing a 500gb can serve as a portable backup drive or simply a spare in case the new laptop's drive gives out at some point. I first may end up bringing the old one into a shop to have a look at it however since I don't have the test equipment I need here besides a nice $80 Fluke that is. Need a good scope however.
    Night Hawk, Feb 26, 2016
  10. Word Man Win User
    Yeah, I got all that. I've grown accustomed to parsing your sentences, Night Hawk. *Nerd

    It didn't take me long at all, after I upgraded from Win 8.1 to WIn10 Home, to opt for the clean install and see that I didn't miss the Dell "extras" one bit.

    In any event, @hondacrv , as far as your original question - you can use the Win 8.1 recovery media to put your machine back to out-of-the-box state if need be. This would not impact the digital entitlement you've already established to Win10 when you upgraded. You can then (using the Win10 install media you are making) re-upgrade to Win10 as before - or, as has been discussed above, do a clean install of WIn10 to sidestep all the Dell particulars.

    Also, as advised above, a full disk image taken to an external drive (or at least a separate disk in a desktop) with a reliable imaging software is pretty much priceless for being able to reverse your path if things go wonky on you.
    Word Man, Feb 26, 2016
  11. hondacrv Win User
    yea I made new for windows 10 and I'm keeping the 8.1 media I created when I first got the system.

    its only profit for Dell and their parent company Denali Holdings when you buy their upgrades like 16 gb ram for 100 bucks when I just did that 2 days ago to my 1 1/2 year old system for 64 bucks or the dell back up and recovery premium gimmick
    hondacrv, Feb 26, 2016
  12. Gets rather pricey at times doesn't it?! Over the years Dell has all too often gotten a bad rep for how proprietized everything was made until the XP years were passing once Vista was out. From then on Dell had to start seeing new systems where you could use other then Dell only brand keyboards and mice with the growing trend in usb keyboards, mice, programmable, and combos. At one time Dell, HP, Epson, IBM, AST, you name it would see plugs that only fit the one brand only!

    The PS standard was one thing right there Dell was a hold out for a long time and then the Desktop market started to slump they started offering the choices of hardwares as well as whatever OS you want to run on their brand of machines when custom ordering from them! I couldn't even find a replacement keyboard for one old Dell desktop someone wanted to me to set up for their kids to be able to do homework on which would not be seeing any web connection.

    The 8.1 media for seeing the system brought back to factory would only be needed if you still are covered by a warranty. Other then that it would only be the choice of OS as far as which one you are going to continue running unless deciding as I did to get a key for 10 which did for the main and may end up doing at some point with a second build used for testing.
    Night Hawk, Apr 4, 2018

do i need to make new recovery media after upgrading to win 10

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