Windows 10: Edge Favorites mixed up

Discus and support Edge Favorites mixed up in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hi, I have been using Windows 10 since the launch date, with not many problems. However, when I logged on today all my favorites in Microsoft Edge... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Booms, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Booms Win User

    Edge Favorites mixed up

    Hi, I have been using Windows 10 since the launch date, with not many problems.
    However, when I logged on today all my favorites in Microsoft Edge were in a different order, folders and individual websites were all jumbled up and it took me a while to find the ones I wanted.
    So I deleted the DataStore file, Edge Had no favorites, imported a saved one from a memory stick, favorites were back, all the folders in alphabetical order, followed by individual websites.
    However, 10 minutes later and they are all jumbled up again.
    Has anyone else had this happen, and does anyone know how to stop it happening?
    Many thanks.

    Booms, Jan 17, 2016

  2. Sorting Favorites on Edge in Windows 10

    There are hints that Edge will get a native sort feature... the folks on the Windows Insider program have been testing a beta version of Edge that has menus for sorting. However, I'd guess this new feature won't become available until the "Anniversary
    Update" that is scheduled for release in July.

    Meanwhile, you can use a 3rd-party application called EdgeManage to sort all or portions of your favorites.

    Manage Edge Favorites

    Oh, boy, you have made my day! What a fantastic program! I love Edge Manage. So simple and easy to use!

    just downloaded it, installed it (it appeared on my desktop), and opened it up.

    clicked on the 'sort' tab, clicked on 'sort all'.

    then clicked on the 'file' tab, and hit 'save changes'.

    i opened up microsoft edge and voila!! all my favorites in alphabetical order instead of a jumbled, mixed up mess.

    i can't thank you enough! Edge Favorites mixed up :))))) now, if i could just find a way to import my bookmarks from google chrome to microsoft edge.....
    Robert and VeronicaMorrison, Jan 17, 2016
  3. Mike16235 Win User
    Importing favorites from Internet Explorer to Edge misses many of them

    Imported my IE favorites into Edge, and Edge reported that it was successful.

    But now there appear to be two problems:

    1. I compare the Edge Favorites folder (...\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\Favorites) with the Internet Explorer Favorites folder, and find that 5 out of 89 folders are missing in Edge, and 34 of 65 Internet
    Shortcuts that were not in folders. If I open some of the folders in the Edge Favorites folder, I find that many of them are missing sub-folders and some of the Internet Shortcuts.

    2. When I click the Favorites icon in Edge, only about half of the favorites and favorite folders that made it into the Edge Favorites folder show up (yes, I scrolled down). I have the favorites sorted by name, and it only gets down to "H" for the favorites
    and "K" for the folders.

    What is the fix?
    Mike16235, Jan 17, 2016
  4. brummyfan Win User

    Edge Favorites mixed up

    brummyfan, Jan 17, 2016
  5. Booms Win User
    Hi, I reinstalled Edge as suggested, imported favourites from Internet Explorer and all was fine...for a few hours. Then, suddenly, they were all mixed up again and quite a lot of them were duplicated 2 or 3 times. Some of the folders were empty
    So, I spent the next half hour deleting the duplicates, and ones I no longer wished to keep. Dragged them all into a respectable order, and all was fine...for a while. Then, lo and behold, they were all mixed up again, along with duplicates, and even the ones I had deleted had come back. Think I may go over to Google Chrome.
    Booms, Apr 5, 2018

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