Windows 10: Help! dll files missing.

Discus and support Help! dll files missing. in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I've just installed Windows 10 and am getting error messages that MSVCR100.dll is missing for iCloudServices.exe, ApplePhotoStream.exe and Avgui.exe.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by kpleasanuk, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Help! dll files missing.

    I've just installed Windows 10 and am getting error messages that MSVCR100.dll is missing for iCloudServices.exe, ApplePhotoStream.exe and Avgui.exe. I'm also getting MSVCP.dll missing for reader_sl. Can anyone help me fix this. Thank you.

    kpleasanuk, Jul 29, 2015

  2. I was trying to install a game but it always says dll file missing.

    Original title: dll file missing

    I am currently using windows 10. I was trying to install a game but it always says dll file missing. When I try to open the dll file, then it shows no apps that can open it. Please help.
    AnjaliJays, Jul 29, 2015
  3. Missing .dll files at Windows 10 startup

    I just downloaded the latest version of Windows 10 and now when my computer boots up it says that I'm missing "MSVCP100.dll" and "MSVCR100.dll" files. My computer cannot open Adobe programs because of this. Any help?

    Original title: Missing .dll files
    ChrisStandridge, Jul 29, 2015
  4. Allan2458 Win User

    Help! dll files missing.

    I'm missing MSVCR110.dll, MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll any idea how I get these?
    Allan2458, Jul 30, 2015
  5. swarfega Win User
    You can get your files from All in One Runtimes, its a very old site that I've used in the past so the files on there are trust-able.
    swarfega, Jul 30, 2015
  6. brummyfan Win User
    Try the methods in these tutorials to fix :

    How to Repair System Files with SFC Command in Windows 10

    The SFC command scans the integrity of all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.

    This tutorial will show you how to run the sfc command at boot or in Windows 10 to attempt to repair corrupted or modified system files.

    Help! dll files missing. [​IMG] If you get the Windows Resource Protection Could Not Start the Repair Service error when trying to run SFC, then make sure that the Windows Modules Installer service is enabled and set to Manual.

    Help! dll files missing. [​IMG] If you get a hash mismatch for the opencl.dll file like below, then you can safely ignore this.

    This issue may occur in Windows 10 Version 1511. When you install Windows, it installs a version of opencl.dll. However hardware drivers may also install their own version of opencl.dll, and if the driver version is different than the one installed by Windows, SFC may report this as file corruption and may not replace the file.

    When this happens, the opencl.dll file is not actually corrupt. It is not necessary that you take any action – the report that opencl.dll is corrupt can be safely ignored.

    Microsoft is aware of this problem with Windows 10 Version 1511 and is working on a resolution.
    brummyfan, Jul 30, 2015
  7. rc09 Win User
    I'm also getting these errors with MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll when I open some programs. I tried the solutions stated above and downloaded MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package x64 and x86 but it didn't work. Does anyone have another solution? Thanks
  8. YOU
    You Win User

    Help! dll files missing.

    Well, can download the DLL files like swarfega recommended and then place them into the folders where the exe files of iCloud, Apple Photostream, etc. reside.
  9. YOU
    You Win User
  10. YOU
    You Win User
    could also try reinstalling the applications. Uninstall the current one, download the setup, and run it to reinstall it. If 're missing some required files, this should fix that.
  11. rc09 Win User
    I reinstalled several MS Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64 and x86 and eventually it worked, so for anyone experiencing .dll errors try to uninstall your Visual C++ Packages and reinstall them.
    Also, if you're having problems with AVG, Windows Defender seems to be conflicting with AVG Installation (I can't confirm this but it happened to me) so deactivate it and install AVG again.
  12. Allan2458 Win User
    found out mine were to do with AVG, deleted program and hey presto problem solved. Havnt tried re downloading AVG yet
    Allan2458, Aug 1, 2015
  13. Help! dll files missing.

    Updated 2 laptops yesterday to Windows 10. I have two files missing, I managed to get msvcr110.dll using the above links & l fixed I have tried to download msvcp100.dll apparently msvcr100.dll is a part of Microsoft Visual C++ and is often required for running programs developed with Visual C++. So, looking at my installed programs this is what I have. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Preview Redistributable (x86)-12.0.20617 installed yesterday. I downloaded what I thought was the file and when I try to install it I get an error that I can not install it on my computer!! I am no computer wizard by any stretch so I need major help with this. I'm so frustrated I'm ready to pitch this laptop at the wall!
    no geek here, Aug 1, 2015
  14. where do you get them from? & how do you know which ones you need?
    no geek here, Aug 1, 2015
  15. sharene Win User
    You said "Packages..." plural. How many are there? Is that the title of them? Where do I find the "Packages" to reinstall?
    sharene, Aug 14, 2015

Help! dll files missing.

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