Windows 10: Hyper-V VM has no sound

Discus and support Hyper-V VM has no sound in Windows 10 Virtualization to solve the problem; This is my first attempt at using Hyper-V. Installation in my Win 10 Pro worked well right up until I tried using the virtual machines sound. No sound... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Virtualization' started by MacNala, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. MacNala Win User

    Hyper-V VM has no sound

    This is my first attempt at using Hyper-V. Installation in my Win 10 Pro worked well right up until I tried using the virtual machines sound. No sound device reported. I opened device manager the only option I could see was Audio inputs and outputs.
    Expanding and a device called "Remote Audio" appeared this says it is enabled and working properly. STILL NO SOUNDS.

    What is "Remote Audio" and how do I connect it to the sound system in my Win 10 Pro?

    MacNala, Dec 21, 2016
  2. PMCmikem Win User

    Windows 10 Hyper-V PCI Passthrough

    Does anyone know if you can pass a PCI device from the Host machine to a VM? I am using Windows 10 Hyper-V. I am trying to pass a PCI device to a windows 10 VM. Is this possible through the built-in Hyper-V manager in Windows 10. I read somewhere where
    Hyper-V in Server 2016 has a Discrete Device Assignment that allows this, but couldn't find anything on Windows 10 Hyper-V.
    PMCmikem, Dec 21, 2016
  3. Can I dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu on the same drive without partitioning

    That sounds like a much better option, or you can also use cygwin or something.

    Ubuntu in a VM
    such as
    is also an option if you need the actual OS.
    RobertJWin, Dec 21, 2016
  4. flybynite Win User

    Hyper-V VM has no sound

    Install Pro using Generation 2. If you installed default it will be first generation. Delete your virtual hard drive in users\public\documents, and start over. Once you have installed, RESTART the OS you have installed in Hyper-V. Your sound should be there.

    Hyper-V VM has no sound [​IMG]
    flybynite, Dec 21, 2016
  5. cereberus Win User
    It make no difference if drive is gen 1 or gen 2 for audio.

    The issue is if the install can use enhanced mode or not.

    For example Windows home in a vm only uses basic mode with no audio as it does not have rdp server.

    Windows pro in a vm can use enhanced mode and audio works as it does have an rdp server.
    Linux installs can often only use basic mode.
    cereberus, Dec 21, 2016
  6. MacNala Win User
    Thanks to both.
    However I did read the section which described the generation 1 and 2 before choosing generation 2. I installed Win 10 Pro in my VM.
    So I still need help to get the sound active. A description of Remote Audio might help. Also how do I get to Integration Services which I have read might also be relevant.
    MacNala, Dec 21, 2016
  7. Kari Win User
    As Cereberus already told you, vm generation has nothing to do with vm audio. You need to use Enhanced Mode to connect to vm to get audio working, alternatively use Remote Desktop Connection.

    Windows 8 & 8.1 PRO and Enterprise editions as guest OS, as well as Windows 10 PRO, Education and Enterprise editions fully support Enhanced Mode also in generation 1 vm.

  8. cereberus Win User

    Hyper-V VM has no sound

    Have you clicked the enhanced mode button?
    cereberus, Dec 22, 2016
  9. MacNala Win User
    What does it look like or where is it.
    MacNala, Dec 22, 2016
  10. cereberus Win User
    on toolbar

    Hyper-V VM has no sound [​IMG]
    cereberus, Dec 22, 2016
  11. MacNala Win User
    When I hover over it, it says basic Session, after clicking it says Enhanced session.
    Which raises a question.
    When in Enhanced mode the audio works when in Basic mode it does not. There is a another difference when in enhanced mode it is not possible to use a PIN to unlock or open Win 10 in basic mode it is. There is also a difference in the screen aspect ratio. Where can I get info on what is happening?
    MacNala, Dec 22, 2016
  12. cereberus Win User
    For clarity, it is a little confusing. When you hover over the button, it tells you the mode it will change to if you click it ie if you see basic, it is in enhanced and vice versa!

    Aspect ratios are customisable in enhanced mode. I will try and explain how when I get a chance.
    cereberus, Dec 22, 2016
  13. Kari Win User

    Hyper-V VM has no sound

    Are you geeks totally ignoring the tutorial link I posted?

  14. MacNala Win User
    Don't bother I have abandoned Hyper-V.

    I have gone back to VirtualBox.
    MacNala, Apr 5, 2018

Hyper-V VM has no sound

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