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Discus and support two questions in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; i am gonna format my windows 10 ,is my windows store apps removed from my microsoft account ? and where is the cache of microsoft edge i mean the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by houss, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. houss Win User

    two questions

    i am gonna format my windows 10 ,is my windows store apps removed from my microsoft account ? and where is the cache of microsoft edge i mean the websites and favorites and the saved pages ? are they all in the same folder?

    houss, Jul 17, 2017
  2. FerasoO Win User

    Two questions ....

    Dear Members :

    I have two questions and I hope that you will help me . The first one,is there any way that I can receive data to my Storage card directly ? I mean when some one sends anything to my mobile via blue tooth some times I cannot saved it because they data which
    I received is too big ! so is there anything that can make my mobile receive the data to the storage ??.

    Secondly,Is there any fix to the Msn Live Messenger that can notify me when someone signs in ? As I heard that the old versions of Messenger has this feature that allows the user to hear a sound when anyone signs in , so is there any fix to do that ?

    Best Regards

    FerasoO, Jul 17, 2017
  3. MaryYoder Win User
    Two Questions

    Ok, two questions here. I am very new to Windows 10 so any help would be appreciated so much.

    1) How do I permanently delete someone in the People App? I entered a friend's email address incorrectly when I added him to People. When I realized my mistake I went back and changed the address. BUT... when I went to write an email to him in Mail, BOTH
    of his email addresses popped up--the incorrect one and the correct one! =( Now every time I start typing his name in the "To", I have to be careful to choose the right email address because both come up under his name. And they're only one letter different.
    HELP! Oh, and I tried deleting him from people and then re-adding him with his correct address. No luck. Even though I deleted him, his incorrect address still keeps coming up.

    2) How do I create a contact group? Do I do this through People? I entered all my email addresses (not very many) in People, and then discovered there's no way (supposedly) to make a contact group (for when I want to email like 10 certain people at once).
    Do I need to reenter all my contacts into "contacts" because I saw there is a group option there. ??? And why don't People and Contacts sync?? Aren't they one and the same??
    MaryYoder, Jul 17, 2017
  4. AddRAM Win User

    two questions

    Should be in your User folder, not positive on Edge, I don`t use it.
    AddRAM, Jul 17, 2017
  5. bobkn Win User
    Edge in Win10 1703 has the ability to export favorites to an HTML file, and to import favorites from such a file. You can back them up that way. (They also will probably magically appear by being synched from you Microsoft account, but I wouldn't trust that.) I don't know about the other stuff that you mention; I don't cache much.
    bobkn, Jul 17, 2017
  6. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Brink, Jul 17, 2017
  7. houss Win User
    is everything in that folder of edge is there? i mean the history and the currently open tabs and the pages to see them later, the feature that is in the top left corner of edge ? btw, i backed up the entire folder
    houss, Jul 19, 2017
  8. Brink
    Brink New Member

    two questions

    If you mean the folder below, then yes it contains all your data for Microsoft Edge.

    Brink, Jul 19, 2017
  9. houss Win User
    the restoring to previous build loop is big problem and format is a pain in the butt *Mad
    houss, Jul 19, 2017
  10. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Brink, Apr 4, 2018

two questions

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