Windows 10: Urgent help: Did I break my system?

Discus and support Urgent help: Did I break my system? in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; Hi, I wanted to change my user account name cause it sounded ridiculous. I could not find an option in the Control Panel so I followed the 4th method... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by helphelphelp, May 30, 2018.

  1. Urgent help: Did I break my system?

    I wanted to change my user account name cause it sounded ridiculous. I could not find an option in the Control Panel so I followed the 4th method under this link: Change User Name of Account in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    In short I did Win+R, netplwiz, clicked on my account there and changed its name.

    I only had 1 account listed in netplwiz. I renamed it. But when I clicked "OK", the entry disappeared. The field is empty now. I cannot click on "Add.." to create a new one, it is not greyed out but nothing happens when I click it.

    I cannot access Control Panel or Settings anymore. I get the error: No mappings between account name and security IDs was done.

    Did I fk up my computer? Is there any fix? I tried to change my account name back but I don't know how. I'm panicking and scared to close my computer, because I am scared to be locked out of everything

    helphelphelp, May 30, 2018

  2. Windows 10 Pro and Ergnomic Break Reminder


    Apologies for the late reply.

    Do you remember installing any break reminder software?

    It looks like it is a pop up from a break reminder software.

    I suggest you to look for this in Programs in features and uninstall it if do not use it.

    Try the following steps:

    • Press Windows + R keys to open Run Command

    • Type Appwiz.cpl and hit enter

    • Search for the programs and un-install it.

    Waseemulla S, May 30, 2018
  3. scrolling. reply did not help

    Hi Verendra,

    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

    I would suggest you to try the below methods and check if it helps:

    Method 1:

    I would suggest you to run “Hardware and Devices” troubleshooter to diagnose the exact issue.

    Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter:

    • Press “Windows key + W”.
    • Type “Troubleshooting” without quotes in the Search box and hit enter.
    • Select “Hardware and Sound” from the Troubleshooter Window.
    • Select “Hardware and Devices” under Devices option.
    • Follow the On Screen instructions.

    Method 2:
    Un-install and re-install touch pad drivers from the manufacturer’s website and see if that helps:

    Step 1:
    un-install the drivers:

    Follow these steps:

    • Press “Windows Key + W” from the keyboard.
    • Type “device Manager” without quotes in the search box and hit enter.
    • Right click on the touchpad drivers and select
    • Restart the computer once it is uninstalled.
    Step 2: Download the latest touchpad drivers from manufacturer’s website.

    Refer the steps to install a driver in compatibility mode:

    a. Right click on the setup file of the driver and select

    b. Select Compatibility Tab

    c. Place a check mark next to
    Run this program in Compatibility mode.

    Hope this information helps and let us know the status of the issue we will be glad to help you further.

    Rakesh Narayanaswamy, May 30, 2018

Urgent help: Did I break my system?

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