Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead...

Discus and support Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead... in Windows 10 News on Windows 10 Forums to solve the problem; Late last week, Microsoft pushed out a new build of Windows 10 to those of you who are participating in the 'Insiders' program. The latest version of... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by labeeman, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. labeeman Win User

    labeeman, Jan 25, 2015
  2. paulsalter Win User

    2 of the best features gone, makes me less likely to use 10 on a tablet

    paulsalter, Jan 25, 2015
  3. ScottFossett Win User
    Start, search bar and right-click on IE11 all not working

    Same problem with start menu, dead. Also search the web and windows bar is dead. Right click on Internet Explorer 11 is dead. Real slow start up. I thank everyone for the suggestions although they didn`t work. Bottom line is, no when to call it quits. Going
    back in life seems to be the norm.

    Original title: win/10
    ScottFossett, Jan 25, 2015
  4. RalphBenson Win User

    Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead...

    Windows 10 fails to populate the toolbar and start-up does not work

    The tool bar across the bottom of the screen fails to populate. The start menu is dead. The problem before this was that the OS was stuck in a restart look. Cortana is frequently dead. It seem as though there is a problem every week. This is killing my
    productivity. How can I fix this...permanently?
    RalphBenson, Jan 25, 2015
  5. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Nar, the Start screen is not dead yet. It's just turned off in build 9926. You can enable it again if you like. *Smile

    Plus, it's still early. Many features can still be restored, combined, or updated before the final RTM is ready.
    Brink, Jan 26, 2015
  6. paulsalter Win User
    That's what I am hoping, to see lots of improvements on this coming up (touch side for tablets)

    For desktops 10 is coming along nicely, but for touch (currently) we seem to be going backwards
    paulsalter, Jan 26, 2015
  7. Trust_No1 Win User
    Thank you Brink
    But if they are there, why not just let people chose what they want?
    Trust_No1, Jan 26, 2015
  8. Brink
    Brink New Member

    Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead...

    We may have UI options before it's all over with, but we shall see. For now, it's just a preview build being patched in pieces for the public to play with to help debug it.
    Brink, Jan 26, 2015
  9. Coke Robot Win User
    I didn't realize the Start Screen was dead, it takes a single click to full screen it in 9926.
    Coke Robot, Jan 26, 2015
  10. LEE
    Lee Win User
    Thanks for the work around. . .have the Start Screen up working in TP 9926. . .*Thumbs
  11. alphanumeric New Member
    I wish I had seen that before I went back to 8.1. I think I may just have another go at 10 on my laptop.
    alphanumeric, Jan 26, 2015
  12. sygnus21 Win User
    Alright I'm a bit confused here...

    I had build 9879 which obviously had the start menu, and when I updated to 9926, the start menu was still there for me. I didn't have to do anything it was just there. Perhaps it's because I'm running the enterprise version?

    I ask because I was just about to post here - Microsoft: don't they ever learn? but decided to double check here first and saw Brinks post, which lead me to his tutorial indicating that you might have to use a registry hack?

    - Start Menu or Start Screen - Select in Windows 10 - Using option One: First step - If you have not already, you will first need to enable using the resizable Start menu. Here's the tutorial for that, which does say you need to do a registry hack - Start Menu - Enable or Disable Resizable in Windows 10.

    I guess the main question is - is all this necessary to get the start menu back. And how come I didn't have to go through those gyrations?

    sygnus21, Jan 27, 2015
  13. kingstonian Win User

    Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead...

    The start menu is working for my 9926 installs, 1 update and 1 fresh on none enterprise versions.

    I don't have the option to turn off or on.


    No box to change one way or the other.
    kingstonian, Jan 27, 2015
  14. sygnus21 Win User
    That image is exactly what mines looks like on the Enterprise edition.
    sygnus21, Jan 27, 2015
  15. alphanumeric New Member
    Start Screen is dead not Start Menu. The old Start Screen (like in 8.1) has morphed into something new that "to me" looks like some of both.
    alphanumeric, Jan 27, 2015

Windows 10: The Charms bar is dead; Start screen dead...


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