Windows 10: Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10

Discus and support Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10 in Windows 10 Tutorials to solve the problem; Very well written. Good job, Kari! 96683 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by johngalt, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. johngalt Win User

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10

    Very well written. Good job, Kari!

    johngalt, Oct 29, 2017

  2. Is there an option to prevent the initial Windows 10 Installation Reboot

    I have created a Windows 10 USB iso and autounattend.xml file to completely automate the installation process.

    My problem is the installation automatically reboots and restarts the installation all over again. I know some of you will tell me just to remove the USB thumb drive but that defeats the purpose of an unattended installation.

    Is there an option I could change to keep the machine from automatically rebooting after the initial installation takes place?
    StevenCurtis80_916, Oct 29, 2017
  3. Andre Da Costa, Oct 29, 2017
  4. Tony K Win User

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10

    Another excellent one, Kari! Well done!

    I was wondering what you've been working on. Lots of work went into this one I see.
    Tony K, Oct 29, 2017
  5. Kari Win User

    Honestly, it took closer to 30 hours to write, excluding test installs but including about six hours to try to find what caused this error when I thought I was ready and tested the install media:

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10 [​IMG]

    That error message when you get it after running Sysprep means installation has gone beyond salvation, you must start from scratch. At the end I found out, as so often before, that the error was due a stupid newbie mistake I had done.

    In addition, it took a bottle and a half cheap supermarket whisky, two frozen microwave pizzas and about quarter of kilo dark roasted espresso.
  6. Tony K Win User
    I got a glimpse of the hours you must spend after studying your basics in PS scripting, your dual-boot tutorial, then installs, and now this. I can somewhat relate, but in a much simpler fashion pounding on the keyboard doing business. Alt/Tabbing through multiple Excel & Word templates, multiple tabs in IE for material costs & other searches, estimating program, PDF viewer for blueprints, contacts app, automated telephone communications with a headset, bookkeeping/payroll, blah ba blah. Got to be somewhat routine, but then something changes or a new OS or program comes along to (so often) perform/navigate with/through things better and quicker. Then quadruple-checking proposals and contracts so to make profit instead of loosing my arse.

    Isn't that the truth! So often an overlooked simple mistake.

    LOL! Yes, there are expenses, but I can tell you're in your peaceful solitude in creating what you enjoy as you often say. I believe man was created to create. Now up in age I've learned that the only satisfaction we get out of life is working to create. We may think it's other means, but that's the bottom line.

    What's your next project?

    BTW, I'm having problems with my dual boot. None of you doings, of course. Things are wacky in 17017 and had a BSOD about an hour ago in my FCU here. I'll post in my redo thread as soon I collect more info.
    Tony K, Oct 29, 2017
  7. WOW! This is one really comprehensive tutorial! This is a really great help for anyone who need a very specialized automated setup image created.

    Thanks a lot!
    slicendice, Oct 30, 2017
  8. Kari Win User

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10

    Thanks Slice *Smile

    I like to install using unattended media. It's so easy, you just plug in the USB, start the computer, go away to have a break and some 20 minutes later come back to PC to find fully installed Windows. As a bonus, it's your custom Windows with custom theme, user accounts already created, your favourite software installed and so on.

    This without a single key press or mouse click, of course excluding the one key press to tell PC to boot from USB (or DVD, this works the same way using DVD than USB).
  9. Kari Win User
    This one:

    Geeks, when you have created your install media, keep it up to date:


    — Twitter API (@user) date[/quote]

    In case you can't see the embedded tweet above:

  10. falconer Win User
    Thank you for this amazing tutorial! I just created my first image and tested it. Unfortunately the install stopped when it got to the wireless configuration... Cortana started talking and all, which is quite annoying, and really my main motivation for making this image. I think I need HideWirelessSetupInOOB set to True, but this wasn't set in your tutorial. Is there any way to modify the unattend.xml after imaging? Or will I have to start from scratch? Also, I had to run windows update and restart about three times to get all the drivers working properly, however there was an issue with Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED, listed under System devices in Device Manager. I had to uninstall it and reinstall to fix this. I used hyper v to get the image so it would be hardware neutral... is it common to still have these types of issues?
    falconer, Nov 1, 2017
  11. Kari Win User
    Hi Falconer, welcome to Ten Forums!

    My apologies, I simply forgot that from original answer file and tutorial. I've now edited step 4.7 to include it and replaced screenshot accordingly.

    I have no good excuse. I just forgot it.

    You need to start from scratch in reference machine. Thinking of that, I edited tutorial adding new step:

    I added this tip in step 7.7, to be done just before you run Sysprep:

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10 [​IMG]
    Tip If you are using a Hyper-V VM as reference machine, create a checkpoint now. It allows you to return to this point in few seconds if something goes wrong with image capture or to make changes in image before it's captured.

    A suggestion:

    You could "inject" drivers to your install media, making it specific for that PC. Tutorial: DISM - Add or Remove Drivers on an Offline Image

    Keep a copy of your custom hardware independent install.wim file, only apply drivers for a specific PC to install media you will use for that PC. If the PC is already running Windows, all devices and drivers working, and you want to reinstall, check the note in step 2.2 in above mentioned tutorial. It shows how to capture drivers from existing Windows installation. Applying them to image you have all devices working straight after setup.

    Notice that this might make your install.wim file to be bigger than 4GB which in its turn might make it impossible to use a standard FAT32 formatted USB flash drive. In that case see end of this quite long post of mine in another thread for a workaround using Rufus to create USB media: How to move Windows 10 from OLD desktop to NEW laptop - Windows 10 Forums

    To avoid need to run Windows Update after Windows has been installed, you could also apply Windows updates to your custom install media. Tutorial: PowerShell Scripting - Update Windows 10 USB install media
  12. falconer Win User
    Thanks for your reply, Kari! So I'm have another issue; I'm able to install my image with no problems on the HP Elitebooks that we use. However, when I try to use it on a Lenovo Thinkpad T540p or T550, I'm getting an error with creating a partition in the first part of the setup:

    "Windows could not create a partition on disk 0. The error occurred while applying the unattend answer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0x80042565"

    The answer file works fine on the HP... so why am I getting this error on the Lenovo's?
    falconer, Nov 2, 2017
  13. Kari Win User

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10

    Most common reason is that you are using autounattend.xml with partitioning scheme for GPT partitioned UEFI machines on a MBR partitioned BIOS machine or vice versa.


    I just created a Generation 1 VM (BIOS / MBR) in Hyper-V and run unattended install from my UEFI / GPT install media to get this screenshot:

    Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10 [​IMG]

    Reason for this error is me using wrong autounattend.xml file, one that tries to partition disk as GPT on a BISO based machine instead of MBR.

    I would need to prepare autounattend.xml separately for BIOS / MBR and UEFI / GPT machines, as told in tutorial starting from step 3.12. Examples showing differences in partitioning MBR and GPT disks are shown in step 3.14.
  14. thanks very nice and useful
    xXWhackerXx, Nov 2, 2017
  15. Fordlobus Win User
    Hi Kari,
    Thanks for this amazing tutorial! I have though a couple of questions, basically regarding to this step:
    3.11) Select the disk you added in Answer File pane, set DiskID to be 0 and WillWipeDisk to true:

    1. If I have several disks on my computer, how can I make sure it will prepare the image, to install windows on the right disk?
    2. As I have a Desktop and a Laptop, how can I make sure, that on each of them I'll be installing windows on the right primary disk? (Since windows changes Drive letters).
    On both cases, the primary disk will be an M2 SSD disk, but I have on both machines other disk partitions which I want to preserve from being deleted or wiped *Wink

    My last question is regarding how can I integrate the "Move users folder tutorial" (especially the part when the User folder is moved into a different drive, during Windows installation).

    What I intend is to create a Windows installation cd/usb in which I can automatically move the users folder during the installation, but silently, if possible, so I could skip the part of pressing SHIFT+F3 during the network setup screen and doing it manually. You think this is possible, to make it all automated?

    Thanks very much for your help!
    Fordlobus, Nov 9, 2017

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