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Discus and support Home screen Edge in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hello all. I installed the windows ten a few days ago all went okay. But when I open up the new edge explorer the only thing I see is the search... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by menu, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. menu Win User

    Home screen Edge

    Hello all.
    I installed the windows ten a few days ago all went okay.
    But when I open up the new edge explorer the only thing I see is the search bar,As when I open edge on my wife's pc it has the search bar and below that there are clips of todays news etc.
    Mine is Blank,Do I need to look in the settings or where will I find this to be the same with the news clips etc.

    Thank You.

    My home page don't look like the image.Why Please...

  2. Wildsabre Win User


    Just use the go to YouTube in Edge. Then pin the home screen from YouTube to your home screen. It will be there for you to access then in the same way as you do on a desktop.
    Wildsabre, Sep 12, 2015
  3. Efbld2f Win User
    Edge start screen

    Yeah... About that. It doesn't work. It changes the HOME screen, but we're still all stuck looking at the standard Edge start screen.
    Efbld2f, Sep 12, 2015
  4. WhyMe Win User

    Home screen Edge

    Hi dafyyd,

    They are in your edge settings via the 'hamburger' button. Where it says "Open new tabs with", change it to "Top sites" in the drop-down menu. You can also set your home page and start page(s) from here too. I would post screenshots, but I'm currently leak testing Win10 rig, so it is not possible currently.

    Edit: In fact, just found the TenForums Tutorials for you. *Smile
    WhyMe, Sep 12, 2015
  5. menu Win User
    Thanks both.
    So there is no fault with my edge,It would be okay as it is Blank.

    Maybe possible one day to add an image under the search box.It would make it a little more nice to look at upon opening it.
    That's Life.

    Many thanks both once again.
  6. menu Win User
    Just had a good look at the other pc with edge,The difference between mine and the other is the
    My News Feed Powered By MSN. missing just under the start

    As you can see image below from the other pc.

    Been looking all through settings but no luck.Is it possible to repair edge like we did with IE??

    Many thanks.
  7. stephen Win User
    It isn't just you, I have the same problem, when I first installed 10 I had the edge start screen with the news, which I like.
    Somewhere it disappeared, maybe after the last update.

    I've tried all the settings with start up page etc., it's not that.
    stephen, Sep 13, 2015
  8. menu Win User

    Home screen Edge

  9. menu Win User

    Surely someone has had or has similar issue as me.*really

    Thank You.*Sleepy
  10. WhyMe Win User
    I'm not too sure what the issue is. Am I correct in saying you are getting only half the photo showing or was that a problem with the screenshot?
    WhyMe, Sep 13, 2015
  11. menu Win User
    Hi thanks for getting back to me.Much appreciated.

    No the screen shot was taken from another pc it was cut to that size by me for the use in the forums,Now to my pc I don't get that option.
    That's all I get upon opening Edge is the search bar and just above it in bold Where To Next

    I Don't Get this option,All other pc's I've looked at have that screen mine is blank just the search bar and where to next.Below that is blank.
    Hope you can understand me.I'm A Taffy from wales.

    There is no option there for the My news feed Powered by msn.Then underneath that there are news sport etc.
  12. WhyMe Win User
    Please could you post two screenshots of your Edge settings just to make sure everything is good in there. The settings are on two pages, hence the need for two screenshots. Please use MS Paint or any other program to 'crop' the picture to size. Please also use the resize function so that it is say 1200x900 pixels or whatever. Just make it smallish so that it will be accepted by the forum servers and fully visible on this thread.
    WhyMe, Sep 14, 2015
  13. menu Win User

    Home screen Edge

    This is one that it shows on all other pc's.Will get a shot of mine in a while.
    This is how it should look...Thanks.Will post other one shortly.
  14. menu Win User
    This is the one that I got the issue with.Many Thanks for your help.
    As you can see its blank no news etc.
  15. stephen Win User
    I think he was asking for pictures of the settings and advanced settings, to show what your start page and home page are set to.
    I've been down that path and the guy in the link you posted, did as well, that's why he was asking for the URL of the news feed.

    In the start menus tiles there is an app for the news, that's the same one. It was just good to have it displayed on the search screen as well.

    13 degrees in Cardiff.. I thought it was summer over there *chuckle
    stephen, Sep 14, 2015

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