Windows 10: View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

Discus and support View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10 in Windows 10 Tutorials to solve the problem; When you see red "Some settings are managed by your organization" text displayed on Windows Update, it typically means a policy has been configured for... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Cliff S, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Cliff S New Member

    View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

    And yellow text on the dark theme*Smile

    Cliff S, Oct 21, 2017
  2. srinuanu Win User

    "Some settings are managed by your organization"

    view configured update policies
    srinuanu, Oct 21, 2017
  3. theking2 Win User
    System instability after OS update KB3105211

    The best thing to counteract this is to disable updates in Windows 10.

    Open gpedit.msc

    Click Start, and then click Run.

    Type gpedit.msc, and then click OK.

    Expand Computer Configuration.

    Right-click Administrative Templates, and then click Add/Remove Templates.

    Click Add, click Wuau.admin the Windows\Inf folder, and then click Open.

    Click Close.

    Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then expand Windows Update.

    The Configure Automatic Updatespolicy appears. This policy specifies whether the computer receives security updates and other important downloads through the Windows Automatic Updates feature. The settings for this policy let you specify if automatic updates
    are enabled on the computer. If the service is enabled, you must select one of the three configuration options.

    To view the policy settings, double-click the Configure Automatic Updatespolicy.

    To turn on Automatic Updates, click Enabled or to turn off select Disabled

    hope this helps
    theking2, Oct 21, 2017
  4. Cliff S New Member

    View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

    I just got rid of that today by finally doing a repair install, you probably already know that from the other tutorial though(defer features).
    Cliff S, Oct 21, 2017
  5. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Oh yes. It's gotta be a bug to have to do a repair install to remove the text.
    Brink, Oct 21, 2017
  6. Bree New Member
    Your tutorial's Option Two identified the key involved. Thanks *Smile
    Allow Automatic Updates over Metered Connections in Windows 10

    I have found the easy way to remove Some settings are managed by your organization

    On my test machine I have a system image of Windows 10 Pro taken immediately after the upgrade from 1703 to 1709. Using Regedit I exported HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to a 'Before' text file, clicked the policy box to 'allow updates over metered connections', refreshed Regedit and exported again to an 'After' text file. After a few minutes the 'some settings are managed by your organisation' message appeared in Setting's update page.

    Comparing the before/after files confirmed that the REG_DWORD
    in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings
    did not exist before and had been created with the value 0x1 after.

    Next, leaving the box ticked in Settings, I deleted this REG_DWORD and restarted. At first, I still had the 'some settings are managed...' message on the Settings > Windows Update page. After a couple of minutes it spontaneously said 'checking for updates...'. When it came back with 'Your device is up to date' the 'some settings are managed...' message disappeared. Strangely, the policy box in Advanced options still showed as ticked. Another restart and the box was still ticked (how does that even work?).

    Now I'm confused - is the policy on or off? Do updates download over a metered connection or not?

    I unticked the box - I refreshed Regedit - the key reappeared with the value 0x0. A check for updates brought the '...managed ...' message back.

    So, the way to remove the Some settings are managed by your organization message is to:

    1. untick the policy box first

    2. delete AllowAutoWindowsUpdateDownloadOverMeteredNetwork in

    3. check for updates.
  7. Brink
    Brink New Member

    I got the message when I enabled the policy while testing, but it won't go away even after setting the policy back to the default "Not Configured" that deletes the DWORD in the registry. The message remains even after restarting the PC.

    It's gotta be a bug. *Confused

    Interesting that "Check for Updates" removes it. I've updated the other tutorial to add this.
    Brink, Oct 21, 2017
  8. Bree New Member

    View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

    Were you using Group Policy Editor, or just ticking the policy box in the Windows Update Advanced options? My tests were done only using the Settings app. Perhaps the group policy affects other keys besides the one in ...\UX\Settings.

    Agreed it must be a bug, else how could the box remain ticked after deleting the key?

    The fix I found will at least help Home users. They don't have gpedit, but they DO have the policy tick-box. This screenshot is from my Windows 10 Home 1709 system.

    View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10 [​IMG]
  9. Brink
    Brink New Member
    I tested both in build 17017.

    I never got a message with the tick box, only with group policy.

    I have .reg files in the other tutorial to help the Home users.
    Brink, Oct 21, 2017
  10. Bree New Member
    Not quite, they only set it to 1 or 0, you have to delete it to remove the 'some settings...' message.
  11. Bree New Member
    That sounds more like correct behaviour, you'd expect a group policy to show a message (although it should disappear again if the polcy is 'unconfigured'). The bug is that in 16299.19 the tick box triggers the message appearing.
  12. Brink
    Brink New Member
    The message wouldn't go away for me either even when group policy was set back to "Not configured" in build 17017 until "Check for updates".
    Brink, Oct 21, 2017
  13. Bree New Member

    View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

    So it did disappear eventually, good. 'Check for updates' seems to be the key then.
  14. Brink
    Brink New Member
    Yep, it's the key to refresh it.
    Brink, Oct 21, 2017
  15. Bree New Member
    No, now I know how to remove it I plucked up the courage to tick the box on my main machine running Home 16299.19 (x64). The message doesn't appear. It DOES appear in Pro 16299.15 (x86) when you tick the box and check for updates.

    For some reason best known to Microsoft, a 32-bit machine still doesn't see the 32-bit version of KB4043961 when checking for updates. All other updates, yes - just not the one for 16299.19 *Banghead

View Configured Update Policies in Windows 10

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